The release date of Fortnite Season 9 has been revealed: here are all the news, previews and leaks on the Battle Pass and the contents arriving on the popular game Epic Games.
Fortnite Season 9: release date, news and previews

Fortnite season 9 is coming: the release of the new phase dedicated to the Royal Battle of the popular multi-platform game Epic Games has an official launch date. The season 9 of Fortnite is practically around the corner, with the new Battle Pass and many new features, challenges and contents arriving in the first days of May.

The season 8 of Fortnite has slightly disappointed the fans, especially for some options regarding the combination of the online meetings (which saw the famous Ninja streamer temporarily abandon the game) and the season 9 will have to take charge of not disappointing expectations.

What we know and when it comes out Provided Season 9: here’s all you need to know about the next update.

Fortnite Season 9: release date

Epic Games has confirmed without too many words that the release date of Fornite Season 9 is set for Wednesday 8 May 2019. In less than a week you can play the new challenges designed for the Royal Battle mode and Save the World, exploring all the new contents of the map.

On the debut day, Fortnite’s servers will be temporarily down and offline, due to the time required for the update. If once connected you discover that Fortnite does not work do not be afraid: you will have to wait only a few hours to find out all the news released by the update.

Fortnite Season 9: news, content, Battle Pass

The news about the contents of the new Fortnite Battle Pass are still shrouded in mystery but the first clues provided by the usual dataminers allow us to preview the characteristics of the ninth season.

Some details lead you to think that Season 9 Fortnite will be linked to the Rune of Banks of Looting, which in recent weeks have assembled and activated on that very spot. What will they serve? Some theories think of time travel while others identify a potential and threatening weapon of destruction: the old map will be restored or changed forever by this mysterious, and hypothetical, hidden weapon.

In the analysis of the codes of the new update the data miners have identified some new Extraordinary Time challenges, which should debut before the arrival of the season 9 or a few days later: in this case it is possible that the new challenges, in addition to unlocking the new ones skins, allow you to receive new unreleased content related to the Battle Pass.

Other details see the return of the blade Infinity blade and the mysterious structure located always close to the banks of looting: what initially seemed to be a sort of bunker could turn out to be instead like a spaceship, with a countdown code set just for the day of Season 9 debut of Fortnite. The main theme will then be aliens? In the coming days we will surely know more, we will keep you updated on all the details.


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