Fotor best photo editing app advanced on Windows, Android and iOS

Fotor, website, application and program to edit photos, image colors, HDR, collage, frames, postcards, clipart and much more
There are many applications to edit photos with special effects, photo filters and correction tools and the choice is wide, but among these there are few really valid, free and powerful.

A relatively new app called Fotor is proposed as one of the most complete and powerful photo editing suite that can be found and is available for free both online on its website and as an application for Windows 8, Android and iOS(iPhone and iPad) and as a free desktop program for Windows PCs.

Fotor has some really unique photo editing tools and, above all, it is very easy to use.

Speaking of the online version of Fotor, go to the site, upload a photo by clicking the “Open a File” button and start immediately with the tools.

The functionalities of this photo editing application are listed, on the home page, on the link at the top right where features are written.

Precisely we have:

Basic modification: One-touch improvement, Resizing, cropping, Tilt Shift to focus on one point of the image while keeping the rest blurred.

HDR to take a three-dimensional picture – Under the Brush category there are two truly exceptional tools: Color splash allows you to keep a black and white image and color a part of the photo of a specific color; Mosaics allows you to make a part of the pixellated photo.

Photo effects: these are the Instagram style filters.

Collage to create photo collages by combining multiple images into one.

Text to add an inscription.

Frames to add borders and frames.

clip art to create cute photomontages by sticking drawings on the photo also dedicated to Halloween and Christmas.

Photo Cards is a very rich section of greeting cards with photos with a special section for Christmas, both to send by email or to print. After uploading a photo or after choosing one of the editing tools, the editor opens, with the photo in the middle and a menu on the left to choose which type of effect to apply and which change to make.

The interface is convenient and intuitive: you can compare the original version of the photo at any time, you can open other photos, apply more effects together and have fun clicking and trying the various buttons.

At the end, the modified image can be saved on the computer, shared on Facebook or sent by email.

Fotor, as mentioned above, you can not only use online (free and without registration) and on a Windows PC in normal version, but also on an iPad or iPhone by downloading the application from iTunes, for Android from Google Play and as an app for Windows 8.

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