Transfer photos from smartphone to PC quickly on wifi with Windows 10

To quickly transfer photos from Android or iPhone smartphones to Windows 10 PCs, you can use the Photos app, which is easier and faster than ever before

There are many ways to transfer photos from smartphones to PCs and most require using cloud services like Google Drive or DropBox, or programs to be installed or connected via USB cable.

Now Microsoft offers a super fast method to transfer photos from Android smartphones (Samsung, Huawei and others) or iPhone that does not require to install anything and that takes advantage of the application of Windows 10 Photos that is becoming more and more feature-rich.

The Photos application is already installed on all Windows 10 PCs (just look for it from the Start menu) and not only allows you to view photos on the internal disk or in OneDrive, but also to create albums and video images with 3D effects.

With the function of the WiFi transfer now becomes possible to quickly copy photos that are in the phone and take them to your computer to store them securely and to organize them in albums and photo stories.

To transfer photos from smartphone to Windows 10 PC it is only necessary to install the Photo Companion app from Microsoft Garage available free for iPhone and iPad and Android.

Once the app is installed, if your PC and smartphone are connected to the same wifi network, you can transfer photos by following the steps below. First of all, as the functionality of the wifi transfer is still under test, it must be activated.

Then open the Photos app, press the three dots in the upper right to go to the settings.
In the Settings screen, scroll through all the options to the end and activate the one below the writing Preview, ie Help Microsoft to test the import of photos in wifi.

Finally close the app and reopen it to start. To transfer photos from your phone to your computer, you have to open Photos and click on the main interface the Import button at the top right.

You will find a new option to click “from mobile device to Wifi“, the one to use to start the file transfer, which shows a QR code on the screen.

On the phone, open the Photos Companion app, press the Send Photos button and point the camera on the QR code to make the association.

Once acknowledgment is complete, you can select photos of your smartphone and send them to your computer. The photos are transferred quickly enough, they immediately become displayed in an Album in the Photos app and are saved on the PC in Pictures in a folder called “Imported From Photos Companion“.

Even if the function is previewed, the Photo Companion app and the transfer of photos on PC did not give any problem, providing a quick and really simple method (which does not require any Microsoft account) to pass one or many photos from the phone.

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