Free Icons Download: Top 20 Sites to Download Icons without copyright

There is something that has deeply surprised me: the diffusion of the iPhone has created a particular attention to the style of the icons. I do not know if the merit is of Steve Jobs and his maniacal attention to detail or if, simply, the world of the network has taken a terrible crush on these graphic objects. Basic objects, it is true, but only in recent years have they experienced a really interesting aesthetic improvement. No coincidence that we have repeatedly talked about the icons and sites that allow free downloads. In addition to, of course, where you can find icons to use without problems related to copyright. Like the 18 sites of today, those of which I turn the list in this article.

Free Icons: why?

It goes without saying that some of these sites are known. I have also spoken about some of them, reviewing them on these pages. So I’m not going to repeat, the umpteenth time, the various evaluations that I have traced: the found in my other articles. On one thing, though, I want to put the accent. And it concerns the very concept of an icon.

No, serene, I do not take you out of the first historical icons, no art history classes. Or religious representations in Western culture. Simply, the icon today has assumed a particularly important role in all applications, from those for the Web to those studied for smartphones. A little ‘less in the computer world, although, to be honest, some issues exploit them really well.

Why, then, use an icon? Because it makes an application recognizable at first sight. I would say almost obvious. But if you think about it, it was not necessarily said that it should be this way. Instead the reality has meant that every app that we install on our smartphone, whether Android or an iPhone does not matter, must have its own graphic identity. And the icons, let’s face it, often guide us in the various markets, inviting us or not to purchase or download.

But it’s not just cell phones, or tablets, that use icons. Even websites, no matter if corporate or personal blogs, become recognizable thanks to the icon graphics. Pay attention to it, when you surf: the sites with the most beautiful, well-kept icons, most integrated into the theme are often also the easiest to use. The eye wants its part, and it is true, even in this case.

But back to the question I asked: why use free icons? In addition to the economic one, to save, there is another reason: to be able to try, change and experiment in complete freedom. That does not mean changing the icons every 2 by 3, otherwise we will only create some confusion. Instead, it is a question of exploiting the possibilities offered by the free world during planning and planning. In case, a suggestion, after having identified your style you can also think of commissioning an artist to realize your personalized icons. The more effectively you will have the result you want to achieve.

After saying this we move on to the list of today, to this list of sites from which you can download free icons.

1. Free Icons Download

2. IconArchive

3. Dryicons

4. Best Free Icons

5. Icon Stick

6. Icon Dock

7. AbbSoft

8. Icon Factory

9. Free Web Icons

10. Icon Finder

11. IconPot

12. Very Icon

13. Find icons

14. Icons Pedia

15. Icon Fever

16. Icon Library

17. Icon Shock

18. Icon Lab

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