6 Best sites to search and download free icons

The icons are definitely essential elements for the world of the web and beyond. They can be used in the most varied fields, from the desktop to the blog without any particular difference. The creation of an icon turns out to be very difficult, not only for those taking their first steps in the Internet world, but also for those who are a little more experienced in the field, as the software or online applications made available are difficult to use .

In the past we have tried to put at your disposal a web application that allows us to create free icons without any software, but the results are not as optimal as those obtained by professionals in the sector. Many of these developers, make available to us users, a series of really nice icons that we can use as we see fit. To make this service much more effective and faster, real search engines have been created, where you can search and download icons for free, so you can use them in your personal work.

Of these online applications there are many, so in today’s article we will list 6 sites where to search and download icons in a completely free and without the obligation to register. But now let’s see in detail all the elements that make up our list.

Free search engines list

  1. IconFinder. net: Let’s start with what I think is the best ever, especially for the variety of icons and the ability to download them in different sizes, depending on our needs. Inside there are about 160,000 icons, each one characterized by a tag, a size and a series of information regarding the icon we are about to download. Its simplicity and its speed of research make it truly unique and special. Absolutely to try!
  2. Iconlook.com: Graphically very nice and very well taken care of. The differences with respect to the first two elements of the list are not so evident. One of the clear differences lies in the fact that you need to access a new web page to download. Nothing particularly difficult, indeed just for everyone. Surely you will be satisfied by its excellent content.
  3. SearchIcon.net: In this site, the icons are collected and divided into categories, to which each of us can refer based on the decisions for the search. Performing the classic search can be very difficult and complicated, because the results can be different icons with the use of the same search key.
  4. Icone-Search.com: Maybe it’s the least ordered and the least fast among all the elements of the list. The research presents the same problem as the site described above. Also in this case, the icons are divided into categories, with the presence on the home page of the Typical Searches category.
  5. Findicons.com: Together with the first site listed in the list, it is the one that presents a great variety of icons (more than 300,000), thanks to the possibility that users have to insert all their creations into the site database. An excellent alternative to IconFinder, which can always be referenced in case of need.
  6. VeryIcon.com: The last item on our list has more than 20,000 icons inside it, but they can not be used for commercial reasons. Like the previous one, users also have the possibility to insert their creations, sending an email to the administrators who will decide whether to insert it or not. The icons adapt to all the most common operating systems.

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