Assassin’s Creed OdysseyUbisoft’s PC RPG (via Steam and Uplay ), PS4 and Xbox One, has a levels system that unlocks abilities, special attacks and the use of ever-stronger weapons and equipment. There are several ways to level up, but not every mission offers the same amount of experience. Here’s how to earn XP faster in the game.

Contracts and rewards

One of the ways to gain more experience is with the Contracts and Rewards, extra missions of the message board of each city. Visit the board and accept as many missions as you can. Goals that give the most amount of experience have a golden “XP” icon.
How contracts have similar goals – for example, killing one type of soldier or destroying “x” quantity of ships – and the targets of rewards. The latter are close to the forts and important sites. Go back and explore the goals in parallel with the main story. In this way it is possible to complete two to four missions in sequence.

Strengths and objectives

Another way to double the gain of experience is with the goals of forts and camps. Press L (Xbox One), L3 (PS4) or Alt (PC) to check the complete list of tasks when present.
Search for hidden treasures, kill the captain or leader and find Ainigmata Ostraka for extra experience. Do not leave before completing everything. And do not forget to burn the supplies of war, if it appears on the targets, to weaken the ruling nation.

Battles of conquest

Battles of conquest are unlocked when the dominant nation is weakened. The player can help both the Spartans and the Athenians in capturing and controlling each region of the map. And beyond the experience also receives epic items as reward in the AC Odyssey.
To enter a Battle of Conquest and gain enough experience, kill soldiers of the ruling faction and complete small goals. Example of them is: how to burn war supplies to lessen the Power of Nation. Once done, enter the Battlefield of the region and eliminate as many enemies as you can to accumulate experience points at the end of the mission.

Legendary Animals and Mercenaries

Killing other mercenaries is also a way to gain extra experience, especially if your character is in the life of the crime. In committing a series of crimes, Kassandra or Alexios will be sought by mercenaries, who are eyeing the prize for their head. They appear on the map marked with a red helmet. Do not run away. Face them to earn money, items and level up faster in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.
Legendary animal hunting missions, such as the Calidonian Boar, also offer a fair amount of experience and rare items. Go to the time of Temple of Artemis in Phocis to start the hunt.

Arena Fights

At higher levels of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, when it gets harder to get XP, the best way to get fast is with the arena fights. To receive the invitation just kill any mercenary in the game. The action will unlock an invitation, a mission called “They just want cruelty”. The arena is located in Pefka in the lower right corner of the map. However, do not go to the challenge before level 25 or you will have a lot of difficulty in fighting.


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