The RPG (role-playing game) genre is one of the most beloved of gamers and is also present in games for Android and iPhone ( iOS ) phones. Final Fantasy Opera Omnia and Monster Hunter Stories are some examples of games for smartphones based on famous classic franchises. In addition, there are successes that were a fever in PCs in the 2000s. Teknologya has selected five sets of consecrated series that are now fever on cell phones.

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia

Square Enix’s most famous RPG franchise features a free game to download on Android and iPhone (iOS) systems. If in the consoles the series Dissidia is totally focused on fights, in the cellular one it is turned to classic gameplay of RPG by turns. The game also features known characters from famous titles such as Cloud, Squall and Lightining.
The game requires 500 Mb of free space in the smartphone’s memory and it is necessary to have versions from 8.0 for iPhones and 4.4 for Android devices. Graphically, the title delivers a great experience. The game also features online and multiplayer functions.


Success in the 2000s lan houses, GrandChase arrived for mobile phones at the end of last year, developed by the South Korean company KOG. The free game with versions for iPhone (iOS) and Android brings the best of action RPG, with classic characters and others unpublished. Players can also enter battles online, all with simple gameplay. The game calls for 250 Mb of free space in the device memory, plus iOS 9.0 and Android above 4.1. The anime look is a big draw and the scenarios are well designed.

Monster Hunter Stories

Another famous franchise that features a mobile game is Monster Hunter. In Monster Hunter Stories, Capcom created a Pokémon-like plot in which you create ties with the monsters to use them in combat. The title counts on a multiplayer mode, but that is released after advancing in certain part of the game. The graphics are very colorful and unlike what is seen on the consoles, they deliver a more childlike air.
The title is paid and costs $19.99 for Android devices and $19.99 for iPhone (iOS). There is a free version of the game called Monster Hunter Stories: The Adventure Begins, but it does not offer the complete experience. It is important to have a good memory space, since at least 4 Gb is required. Apple’s mobile operating system needs to be upgraded from version 8.0 to device above 5S. Android version must be at least 5.0.

South Park: Phone Destroyer

South Park: Phone Destroyer is developed by RedLynx and distributed by Ubisoft. The franchise wasted no time in expanding the success it did on the consoles with its latest RPGs and went to phones with Phone Destroyer. The title adds cards to create plans of attack and defense, PvP battles filled with the humor characteristic of the animation.
The game is free at Android and iPhone (iOS) stores. The file size is 137.5 Mb and is compatible with iPhone 5S up and operating system in version 9.0. On Android, mobile phones need to be at least version 4.4 of the system.

Kingdom Hearts: Union X [Cross]

Square Enix took the Kingdom Hearts series to all possible platforms, but a mobile game was still missing, and it arrived with Kingdom Hearts: Union X [Cross]. The player can join up to six friends to perform PvP missions, always with all the RPG magic that mixes the Final Fantasy and Disney franchises.
The title has a connection to the story presented in Kingdom Hearts 3 and key moment of the title, the characters of Union X gain great importance in Sora’s journey. The game released in 2016 is important to give more details about the Keyblades War, as well as being fun.

The space required for storage is low: 230 Mb. On the iPhone, the operating system is required to be 8.0 up, while for Android phones the indicated is 4.0.3. Kingdom Hearts Union X [Cross] is free to download.


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