How to Get Free Trophies in Clash Royale Hack

To learn how to win trophies at Clash Royale, it is important to first understand how the 1×1 battle system works. According to Supercell, the battle system always matches you with opponents at a similar level of trophies (near number). In this calculation, each player’s card levels are not taken into account.

After choosing your opponent according to these criteria, it is possible that the difference in the amount of trophies between you and your rival is quite large. However, you will win more if you beat someone with more trophies than you in a 1×1 match.How to earn trophies in Clash Royale

That is, to win trophies in Clash Royale just win. If defeated, you lose them.

How many trophies do I win per win?

The amount of trophies you win or lose in 1 x 1 matches is based on the difference between your own and your opponent’s trophy count. By beating a player who has more trophies, you will earn more trophies. Otherwise, losing to an enemy with fewer trophies will cause you to lose more trophies. The total appears at the end.

The Path of Clash Royale Trophies

In 2019, Supercell changed the way to keep up with the advance at Clash Royale. With the new Trofeus Path, players earn rewards as they progress from arena to arena. The more you progress, the better your rewards will be: cards, gold, chests, exchange tokens (of all kinds), emotes and gems.

Trophy Portals

Trophy Portals are features that allow you to save your trophy progress each time you reach a new arena. When you pass a Trophy Portal, even losing several matches, you will no longer be below the minimum threshold to play in that arena. Upon reaching 3,600 trophies, the player enters the Haunted City. Even losing 1×1 matches will not fall below 3,600 again.

The last portal is 4,000 trophies. From it, the Portals no longer exist. You can drop leagues, but you will never fall below 4,000 trophies (Legendary Arena).

As you start playing in the leagues (Challenger), you will find that when a Season ends, player trophies will be reset to 75% of current trophies, not exceeding a minimum of 4,000. This replaces the old way of being reset by 50%.

In each Restarted Season, all rewards from those with more than 4,000 trophies will also be reset and the player will be able to collect new rewards.

To see in detail the Path of Trophies and your position on this journey, simply tap the arena where you are on the main game screen. You can view all rewards, trophy count, and milestones on the trophy path from 0 to 7,000.

Clan War Trophies

Clans also earn trophies after wars. The more trophies a clan wins in battle, the higher their rank. At the end of the Clan War, members receive a war prize (total victory gold gained in battle) and extra gold. Earning trophies and rising rank or league allows the clan to also win a larger chest.

How not to risk your trophies by training

If you want to test decks or play without risking your trophies, you can play against artificial intelligence on the training ground (accessible from the game menu). This way, you can hone your skills before facing real players in 1 x 1 mode.

In this mode and in doubles matches there is no winning or losing trophies. In doubles it is possible to win chests and gold, but in the training field you do not gain any additional resources. Coaches get harder as you go.

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