How to get Skin for free in League of Legends

Skins for Champions are items purchased with real money in the League of Legends, but still the game allows them to be obtained free as rewards for completing quests, playing well with Champions and opening rare items from the Hextec Creation. Here’s how to earn Skin for free at LoL with some tips.

How to get Skin for free in League of Legends

How to earn Skin for free in LoL

Skins give another appearance to a Champion in League of Legends. They function like another “outfit” and, in some cases, even attribute new animations to the character’s abilities, without changing the mechanics of the game.

Basically Skins can be obtained by opening Hextec Chests. This second item can be conquered by means of missions eventually released or by having taken an S-score or higher with a champion in a match.

There are two types of chests: the Hextec Chest and the Master-Craftsman Chest; the second can be obtained by completing quests in LoL and has a higher percentage chance of resulting in a Skin Fragment to the player. Check the tables below.

Hextech chest

hextech chest table

Masterwork Chest

Masterwork chest table

How to Improve Skin Fragments with Orange Essence

After achieving a Skin Fragment, the player needs to enhance this fragment in a permanent Skin using the Orange Essences.

The process is done in the League of Legends section:

  1. In Spells, see your Skin Fragments available;
  2. Click a snippet and then Enhance in Permanent Skin.

You need to have the amount of Orange Essences required to enhance the fragment. Each fragment can also be disenchanted generating more of these essences. Another way to get the permanent is to consume three fragments in exchange for a random permanent skin.

  1. Click on any Skin Fragment you want to consume;
  2. Click Change Per Random Permanent Skin;
  3. Select two more fragments;
  4. Click the center of the circle.

Finally, with each end of the season, the League of Legends also rewards those players who have at least Gold in the ranks with a winning Skin created for the season.

With information: Riot Games.

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