Laura Matsuda in Street Fighter 5: Moves, Tricks and Combos

Laura Matsuda debuts in Street Fighter V as a Brazilian fighter who, despite being a capoeirista, is a jiu-jitsu expert. In addition to the powerful “grip” strokes – typical of the martial art she dominates, the character uses electricity as an ally. Laura is also the elder sister of Sean Matsuda ( Street Fighter III ). Check out how to detonate with Laura in Street Fighter V.

Laura Matsuda in Street Fighter 5

1. Tips for playing with Laura

One of Laura’s most powerful hits is her Sunset Wheel. What makes her so dangerous (to her opponents) is to be indefensible. By using this attack it is possible to disorient your opponents to punish them severely.

If your opponent has some indefensible ability, always be prepared to counterattack with a ground combo. Of course you will need to have the perfect timing to be able to engage that sequence. Remember that some opponents will be able to avoid the Sunset Wheel jumping at the right time.

To deal with this type of opponent, use your low kick that can serve as a link for some combos (see the list below) and thus prevent the opponent from getting off the ground. If he still escapes, it is possible to strike him with her anti-aircraft HP Bolt Charge ability.

2. Tips to play against Laura

Laura is a destroyer at close range, which contrasts the fact that she does not have very powerful combos (in comparison to the other characters). If you’re going to play against her, remember to be as elusive as possible. Do not forget that she is a jiu-jitsu fighter and therefore needs to shorten distances to attack effectively.

To get away from your grab, alternate backdashes and jumps. Whatever you do, do not let it get close to you.

She may try to use the LP Bolt Charge as antiaircraft skill, but at least this time it is possible to try to get out of the blow. Just be careful that any other version of this technique does massive damage.


3. Laura’s best combos

Combo 1

  • Cr. + MK, XX …


  • EX Bolt Charge and any variation
  • LP Bolt Charge

Combo 2

  • f + HP, f, Cr. + LP, XX, LK, XX …


  • LP Bolt Charge
  • EX Bolt Charge and any variation

Combo 3

  • f + HP, XX, HP, XX, HP + HK, Cr. + HP, XX …


  • LP Thunder Clap I
  • EX Thunder Clap
  • f + MK + MP

Combo 4

  • HP, XX, HP + HK, XX …


  • HP, XX, HP Thunder Clap, Inazuma Spin Hold
  • HP, XX, MP Bolt Charge and any variation

Combo 5

  • HK, XX, HP + HK, XX …


  • Inazuma Spin Hold
  • HP, XX, MP Bolt Charge and any variation
  • Cr. + HK

Combo 6

  • UF + HP, Cr. + HP, XX …


  • EX Thunder Clap, XX, Inazuma Spin Hold
  • HP + HK, f, HP, XX, EX Thunder Clap, HP Bolt Charge

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