Vega in Street Fighter 5: Moves, Tricks and Combos

Vega is a character already known to the Street Fighter series players. The Spanish fighter, famous for his mask and blows using a claw glove, made his debut in the second game of the franchise in 1991, and now returns with his classic skills and a new arsenal of combos. See, the following are some tips to get along with Vega in Street Fighter V.

Vega in Street Fighter 5: Moves, Tricks and Combos

1. Tips for playing with Vega

Vega has a very unique way of fighting, especially on account of his claw glove. Those who already know the Street Fighter franchise know that the character is extremely agile and their mid-range attacks are insane!

The first tip is to use all this agility of movement to always try to surprise the opponent. Using charge and running towards an enemy can also be a good way to engage devastating combos.

Making the transition from normal punches to using the grab is safe too, in guard mode. This gives you the opportunity to return to “hands” mode when you want, but at the cost of HP.

The golden trick to getting on with Vega is knowing the right time to transition from claw to hand. Getting accurate timing of this technique, coupled with some combos (see the list below) is a great way to win.

2. Tips to play against Vega

Let’s face it: dealing with Vega’s absurd speed is hopeless. He can, in the blink of an eye, already be on top of you engaging a sequence of blows. However, what is left over from agility and explosion, is lacking in defense.

Vega takes the motto “the best defense is the attack” to the extreme, but it does not always work so well. When playing against Spanish, the tip is to force him to burn V-Gauge and counter-attack his EX Aurora Spin Edge.

If you are nearby, you need to avoid the stun effect, which will give Vega the opportunity to hit several combos in series. Whenever timing allows, also get out of reach of the EX Flying Barcelona and Terror blow, it does a lot of damage.

In the long haul, a tip to avoid the Flying Barcelona technique is to use the cam + MP, or the same squatting motion as the Ryu + HP.


3. Vega’s Best Combos

Combo 1

  • Cr + LK, f, Cr. + LP, XX, fQCF + EX Chute, LP + LK

Combo 2

  • Cr + LK, f, Cr. + LP, XX, EX Chute, QCB + EX Punch

Combo 3

  • Cr + LK, f, Cr. + LP, XX, EX Punch

Combo 4

  • QCF + LK

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