Zangief in Street Fighter 5: Moves, Tricks and Combos

Zangief is a classic character in the Street Fighter series and made his first appearance in the second game in 1991. Of Russian origin, the brute is a specialist in wrestling and has some iconic punches, such as the famous “pestle.” In the fifth game of the franchise, he returns with new combos and abilities. See tips on how to get right with Zangief in Street Fighter V.

Zangief in Street Fighter 5: Moves, Tricks and Combos

1. Tips for playing with Zangief

Because of his physical bearing, Zangief manages to absorb much more damage than most fighters. Take this as an advantage even to take a little more risk as you advance against an opponent.

In Street Fighter V, not only has he gained an extra life bar as his V-Trigger allows him to risk himself even more. In summary: by holding up and accumulating much more damage, Zangief manages to activate his Cyclone Lariat V-Trigger sooner than before.

However, to activate this technique, you have to collect more and be less healthy than your opponent, if you activate the blow while the opponent is cornered you will hardly have difficulty in hitting him devastatingly.

2. Tips to play against Zangief

Perhaps the most famous blow of Zangief is the Screw Pile Driver, or the “Pilão”, as it is better known in Brazil. The technique takes an absurd damage from the opponent, but it is not so difficult to counterattack. Some other more common fighter attacks, such as Double Lariat and Borscht Dynamite, can also be counter-attacked at the right time.

Another tip: as soon as he comes with a Cyclone Lariat, exit immediately from the range of the hit. Being trapped in the vortex of this ability, in addition to allowing Zangief to engage a combo, also causes a lot of damage (as said before).

If you want to give work to someone controlling Zangief, some options are to choose fighters, such as: Dhalsim, Rashid, Chun-Li and Fang (the latter can turn Russian life into hell)!


3. Best combos with Zangief

Combo 1

  • Cr. + MP, XX …


  • LK, XX, followed by punches
  • Critical Art

Combo 2

  • f + HP, XX …


  • Critical Art
  • LK, XX, followed by punches
  • Cr. + MP, XX, Critical Art

Combo 3

  • Counter-attack with HK, XX …


  • HK, UF, Critical Art
  • HK, HP
  • HK, f + HP

Combo 4

  • Counterattack with HP, XX …


  • HP, HCF + LP
  • HP, HCF + HP
  • HP, XX, Critical Art

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