What are groups, supergroups and channels on Telegram

Telegram is an open-source application, available free for all, created in 2013, launched as a solution to talk in real time with friends and meet new people, an alternative to Whatsapp and Facebook, which also offers different communication solutions: in this article we will find out what are the groups, supergroups and Telegram channels.

All messages sent to Telegram are saved in the cloud and synchronized in real time, so that they can be accessed by all the devices in their possession; its success is due to security and the high level of privacy, as the contents are deleted after a period of time, according to a timer that can be preset manually.

Telegram allows the exchange of photos, videos, voice and text messages, stickers and any file that does not exceed the weight of 1.5 GB, in addition, you can exchange encrypted information through the famous secret chats, create groups of up to 5,000 people and use bots to dispose of some operations.

Beyond the chat, Telegram offers the possibility to create Groups, Supergroups and Channels, personalizing every aspect, but what are they?

Telegram groups allow you to share content with more than 200 people, if you exceed this number the system offers automatic upgrade to Supergroups.

The pop-up message appears indicating the member limit reached and the possibility to activate the functions offered by the Supergroup, to do so, just click on the green command “Update to supergroup” and unlock all the options.

In the case of Supergroups all messages, including old ones, that are exchanged inside are visible to all participants, in case the administrator deletes a message or any content, this action is valid for everyone and is immediate; Ordinary users without privileges can only delete their own messages.

The changes can be made up to 2 days later and it is also possible to save those that are considered to be the most important and highlighted contents, complete with a sound alert.

Telegram Group can be transformed into a Supergroup at any time, while a Super Group can not become a group. Supergroups can also be public, simply by inserting a link in the description.

The name and image can only be changed by administrators, who have more powers than normal users participating in the conversation.

A separate discussion should be made for the Telegram Channels, which are very similar to fanpage chats, as they can be public or private and have an unlimited number of subscribers who can not however interact on the contents that are published. If the channel is public, anyone can register.

If you want to create a new Telegram channel, you need to select the “new channel” item at the top right of the main application screen and then customize it in various aspects, also associating an URL and a username.

Channels can deal with different topics, administrators or creators of a Channel, can add the first 200 people, then the addition of other members will be automatic, especially if public.

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