Best personal voice assistant app for Android

Voice assistants are one of the most used features on smartphones because they are able to do useful actions for users who have to limit themselves to ordering vocally; one of the most famous voice assistants is surely Siri of iOS, but in this article, we want to talk about the best voice assistant for Android.

Who owns an Android smartphone is perhaps not aware of the fact that within the store there are several voice assistants available for every need, some are famous others a little ‘less but equally very efficient.

The goal of the voice assistant is to simplify your life through voice commands and gestures that allow you to access certain phone features in seconds, without the need to forcibly touch the device.

To access some features without using your hands you will need to say a few specific words that unlock the device and allow you to give new commands always through the voice.

The following help you in choosing the best voice assistant for Android by proposing some of the best solutions.

Google Now

Google Now is Google’s voice assistant produced for Android that is usually already pre-installed on most new generation smartphones.

The assistant integrates perfectly within the ecosystem of the device while remaining active, without weighing too much on the overall performance; to activate it, just press the phone’s home button and say the word “OK Google” or swipe down.

After logging in the Android voice assistant you will be shown basic information about appointments, cities and birthdays, with the ability to change the screen according to your needs. The search through voice commands is perfect in every respect.


Jeannie is an excellent voice assistant, an alternative to Siri, which allows you to interact with your smartphone simply by speaking and giving voice actions that will automatically respond to our needs.

This personal assistant from a hand during the daily routine, it is indeed possible to answer questions, send emails, call contacts, activate alarms and reminders, listen to music and much more, all without touching the device.

It is a very simple application to use, after installation it is enough to activate the functionality and start to issue commands, the voice assistant has a good reactivity and executes requests quickly.


Cortana is a voice assistant developed by Microsoft for computers but also for mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, released by the company of Bill Gates for some time, given its success on PC, it was thought to extend it on mobile devices.

Cortana provides users with a high processing speed and response that is completely unattainable by other voice assistants, even if there are not some basic features, but for what concerns the most used actions such as call, send messages or make research, efficiency is remarkable.

Even the operation is quite simple, with some improvements, Cortana is certainly among the best vocal assistants for Android.

Dragon Mobile Assistant

Dragon Mobile Assistant is an excellent voice assistant for Android that, through voice recognition, allows interaction with the commands that are given and does so in an excellent way.

This voice assistant works very well and interacts perfectly with some of the most used features on smartphones, almost avoiding having to touch the device.

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