5 Best Music Apps for iPhone and iPad

If you are a lover of Music, and you like to always have an accompaniment during your day, then you can not really do without the app to listen to music on iPhone and iPad.

Each of these has its own peculiarities and may have characteristics that can make you prefer over others.

So, if you’re curious about how you can listen to even more music with your mobile device, do not hesitate any further and keep reading!

The apps to listen to music on the most famous iPhone and iPad

To start the roundup of the app to listen to music on iPhone and iPad you can not forget those definitely more famous and widespread, those that are preferred by Apple users.


The first application is definitely Spotify. This app, which also has a version for the computer, and the Mac, as well as having a web version, is really widespread, as it contains a lot of music.

The app is easily downloadable without paying any cost, and it will be possible for new members to try the premium version for the first three months, or sometimes for a single month, for free.

Subsequently, it will be necessary to subscribe one of their plans, starting at $4.99 a month, for students, up to $9.99 for all other users.

The free version still allows you to listen to music, but has less features, among which the following stand out:

  • With the free version you will not be able to download songs and listen to music offline;
  • The free version has the presence, about every 10 minutes, of an advertising break;
  • With the free version it is not possible to forward all the songs that are not welcome;
  • The non-paid version does not allow listening to a specific song in some cases;

Apple Music

The second app to listen to music on iPhone and iPad is the “native” of Apple, that is Apple Music. This app can be downloaded for free on mobile devices and gives you access to three free trial months.

Also in this case, after the expiry of the term it will be necessary to subscribe a subscription, which will always go from 4.99 dollars for students, up to 9.99 dollars for all other users.

The differences between the free and premium subscriptions are essentially the same as those of Spotify, although the tracks available at the library level often change.


An app to listen to music on iPhone and iPad is SoundCloud. This, which is often known to allow emerging artists to upload their tracks, also contains many songs by famous singers and musicians.

Its favorable point is that it does not require subscriptions, but the music can not be downloaded.

Everyone can upload music, and the selection of free songs and podcasts is also excellent.


Among the apps to listen to music on iPhone and iPad Deezer is much loved by those who do not want to have a brand of reference, such as Apple or Google.

This application is very similar to the most widespread and allows you to have some advantages in subscribing to the premium subscription, which costs 9.99 dollars and does not bind the user to automatic renewals.

In the free version there are some less features, such as:

  • A lower sound quality compared to the premium version;
  • The fact of being able to listen to music only with flow and mix provided by the app;
  • The presence of advertising;
  • The impossibility of choosing a specific piece to be reproduced;

Obviously, even in this case the app is also available for PC and Mac.


Finally, among the apps to listen to music on iPhone and iPad we also find Jamendo. This application is great for all those who want to discover new artists and have access to independent music.

In fact, even without subscriptions, Jamendo allows you to listen and download the music of independent artists in complete freedom.

Those who want to make commercial use of the tracks will then be able to subscribe to a specific profile, so that they can use, for example, the creations for their videos, for advertising or for other purposes that provide the purpose of profit.

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