Simultaneously with the launch of the new iOS 11 it was possible to have new social features for the app dedicated to music, which have pushed many users, however, to wonder how to make private Apple Music profile.

In fact, maybe when you created your first profile you were going to share with all your habits and musical choices, but you may have changed your mind in the meantime.

Here, therefore, that it is necessary to know how to check your Apple Music profile.

Let’s see how to make and profile Apple Music in a few steps.

How to make private Apple Music profile easily

To start limiting access to your Apple Music profile, you can start not to show all your playlists and even the music you are listening to.

So you can decide from time to time which users will have the opportunity to know these details about your activity on the app.

To achieve this goal you will need:

  • Open Apple Music;
  • Click on For You;
  • Click on your avatar in the upper right part of the screen;
  • Click on Edit;
  • Click on Authorized persons in the panel “Who can follow your activities”
  • In the end, click on Done to confirm your choices;

How to make your history private on Apple Music

In operations to make an Apple Music profile private you may also be interested in not showing others what your listening history is.

To make this part of your profile private, you will need :

  • Open the Apple Music app;
  • Click on For you;
  • Click on your avatar in the upper right part of the screen;
  • At this point you will have to click on Edit;
  • You will have to move the switch that is next to the listening option to the Off position;
  • At the end you will have to click on Done to confirm the choices.

In this way you can not only make Apple Music profile private so that only your chosen users have the opportunity to see what you are actually listening to at a certain time, but you can also prevent all users from seeing your listening history in a free way.


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