Are you driving, trying to follow the directions of your navigator, and would you like to silence iPhone notifications automatically so as not to see your march disturbed by continuous acoustic signals?

Today there is a very fast system thanks to which you can silence the iPhone notifications in a few moments, especially in situations where you can not get distracted, as is the case with driving.

So let’s see how to silence iPhone notifications automatically in every situation.

Mute iPhone notifications automatically with iOS 11

Thanks to the introduction of the new iOS 11 operating system, it is now possible to silence iPhone notifications automatically in a much faster way.

In particular, the system has been set up so as to eliminate annoying notifications even when driving without too many problems.

Essentially, therefore, it is a system very similar to that of Do Not Disturb, but it can be set up automatically and practically without having to think too much.

How to mute iPhone notifications automatically starting from do not disturb

First, to start silencing iPhone notifications automatically, you can start from Do Not Disturb.

To set this function you must go to Settings, select Do Not Disturb and, at this point, you can also set the same function for the activities that will take place while driving.

From this tab, in order to make the whole setup process much more automatic, you can choose three ways.

In fact, you can indicate how it is necessary to activate the Do not disturb function automatically, or when the phone is connected to the Bluetooth of the car or, again, if you do not want to have the automatic function you can provide it as manually activated.

To mute iPhone notifications automatically while driving, you can choose the first option.

This will activate the do not disturb every time your phone will perceive that you are moving at a speed compatible with that of a vehicle.

Of course, you can not always activate this feature, also because this may not allow you to connect to the internet even when you are a mere passenger.

To activate the feature only at certain times you can, however, choose the option that will determine the do not disturb only if you are connected to the car Bluetooth.


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