Save email in PDF format in iPhone

To manage all your documents using only the phone is not so difficult now. For example, you can e-mail PDF to iPhone without problems, even with the most time-honored phone models.

To do this perfectly you will have to follow the instructions that you will find here: in this way you can also have the most complex emails saved in your PDF documents.

How to save email to PDF on iPhone

Depending on the type of iPhone model in order to save PDF email you will have to follow a slightly different procedure.

In case you have an iPhone with a 3D Touch you can take advantage of this system to save email in PDF on iPhone:

  • Start opening the Mail App;
  • Open the message for which to save;
  • Click on the Action button, which is also used to write a reply to a message;
  • At this point choose Print;
  • Then, click on the preview image by going to use the 3D Touch: to do this you simply need to press a little ‘louder than usual on the screen;
  • Within the new screen that will open you have to click on the Sharing button located at the top right;
  • At this point, select the Copy to iBooks option to Save email to PDF on iPhone;

In case you do not have an iPhone equipped with the 3D Touch, you will have to follow the steps described here:

  • Open the Mail application;
  • Click on the message for which you want to start saving to PDF;
  • Click on the Action button;
  • Choose the Print option;
  • Open your fingers on the preview image, like to zoom;
  • The image will open;
  • At this point, in the new screen click on the Sharing button located at the top right;
  • Select Copy to iBooks to Save email to PDF on iPhone;

With these procedures, therefore, it will be always easier to save PDF e-mails on iPhone, whatever your phone model.

You can use this system to have important emails with you, perhaps to be consulted or to show even if you are without a data connection available when needed.

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