A few days ago on GTA Online the players had an appearance: the writing “Coming in 2019” referring to GTA VI.

Nothing to do: the release of the next Grand Theft Auto continues to be an endless puzzle. Rockstar, the development company, confirmed that the GTA 6 message arriving in 2019 appeared on the moddate versions. But we expected it, right?

As suggested by some members of the Grand Theft Auto community, and later confirmed by the developers themselves, it seems that the modders have found a way to manipulate the Rockstar ad system. This would be why the message also appeared for players in single player mode. When asked about the veracity of the Rockstar ad he replied: “It’s a hoax made with the use of the mod, not an official statement by Rockstar Games”.

The release of GTA 6 is one of the great mysteries of the gaming world and it was easy to understand that the news of a launch in 2019, given this way from nothing, could be a fake. However, it took just a short time to fan the fans and rekindle dreams and hopes.

The rumors on GTA 6 have been happening for years and at the moment a launch date in 2020 would seem the most credible and plausible hypothesis. Regarding the setting we talk about a return to Vice City with some missions in South America and the Caribbean, but some suggest that Rockstar has also thought in Tokyo and/or a large map that allows you to move from a continent to the ‘other. The new title could also be the first of the saga to have a female character.
Meanwhile, remember that in October 2018 comes out the new Red Dead Redemption 2, already available for preorder on Amazon at a price of about € 67. We know that the new RDR will be a prequel and that Dutch van der Linde, leader of the band of Arthur Morgan, will return on stage and will play an important role, but Morgan will be the true protagonist of the game. Red Dead Redemption 2 will be available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but nothing is known about a PC version, currently excluded but may come in the future.


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