A few days ago you opened the browser and … surprise: the initial page was different from the one you had always used until then and, at the top, in the toolbar, there were “strange” icons related to extensions that you never installed personally. Suspicious of all this, you started an antivirus scan but unfortunately the problem does not seem to have been solved. Not completely, at least.

Do not panic! Such situations can be easily put in place with antimalware programs like Malwarebytes that thanks to its database – constantly updated – is able to eradicate spyware, adware, promotional tools and other malicious software that the common antivirus can leave out.

It is available in two versions, the free basic one and the paid one, which also offers system monitoring in real time.In the following guide we will see how to Install it, adding it to your antivirus, and find out how to use it.

Using Malwarebytes antimalware is a real breeze, but first you have to download it to your PC and install it. Then connect to website of the program and click on the button Download the free version.

When the download is complete, open the software installation package (eg. mbam-setup- ) and click on Yes, then OK and then Next. Next, put the check mark next to the item I accept the terms of the license agreement and complete the setup by clicking first on Next five consecutive times and then on Install and Finish.

Uncheck Activate the free trial of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Pro to avoid activating the trial of the paid version of the program, which lasts 30 days.

Malwarebytes installation

At its first start, Malwarebytes updates the definition database through which it can detect spyware, adware and other computer threats. So wait for the operation to come to an end (a green check must appear next to the Database version entry ).

Now you are officially ready to start the antimalware scan of your computer. Then go back to the Control tab, click on the Scan button and wait patiently for the system control process to complete. It could take 20 to 60 minutes.

Malwarebytes scanning

The Malwarebytes Antimalware scan is divided into six steps: at the beginning it is verified that the database with the definitions is updated, after which the processes in memory are examined, the elements set to start automatically in Windows, the registry, the system files and the rest of the items that could carry spyware or other malicious software.

At the end of the analysis, if potential threats have been detected, a list is shown with the description of the latter and their position in the system. To debug them all and move them to a secure area of the PC called quarantine, make sure they are marked with a check mark and click on the Apply Actions button.

If you want to prevent certain items from being deleted, to keep them in place, select the Ignore option from the drop-down menu next to their name and continue clicking the Apply actions button.

Malwarebytes scan complete

In some cases, Malwarebytes shows a request to restart the computer to complete the move of the files in the quarantine area: click Yes to accept and wait for the current working session to end.

To permanently delete the quarantined items from the antimalware, start Malwarebytes, go to the History tab and click on the Delete all item first and then on Yes.


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