How to have hibernate back to start menu of Windows 10

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The hibernate feature has always been heavily used in Windows so that users gain considerable time when it comes to using the system again, so there is no need to reinitiate it completely. In turn, in Windows 10, it is also present, but unlike in previous versions, it must be enabled so that it can be used.

Although a configuration needs to be made to get it back, the good news is that the process is quite simple to do without requiring you to make changes to the system registry. Here’s how to bring back the computer hibernate feature in Windows 10 to save time by reusing it:

  1. Open the “Start Menu” and look for the “Control Panel”. Open it;
  2. Enter “Hardware and sounds”;
  3. Click on “Power Options”;
  4. In the left menu, click “Change what the power buttons do”;
  5. On the new screen, click “Change settings that are currently unavailable”;
  6. Now, in the part that was unlocked, check the option “Hibernate – Show in power menu”. Click “Save Changes”.

Ready! When you perform this process, unlike other settings in Windows, you do not have to restart your computer. In the start menu, when clicking the button that you use to turn off the computer, the hibernate function should already be available. If you want to remove it, simply go back into the control panel and uncheck hibernate.


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