How to change color of WhatsApp on Android

Since its release, WhatsApp has always maintained a similar look and has not tampered with the program’s original colors. Although they work well, it is always good to have customization options to change the look of the program to day-to-day.

To change the colors of WhatsApp, there are even some alternative clients of the message program, but that are not always reliable because your data needs to pass through them. Fortunately, thanks to Substratum, an Android themes program developed by members of the XDA-Developers forum, it is possible to change the colors used in the WhatsApp interface without the need for root and without having to resort to an application that replaces the application itself of messages.

Understanding Substratum

Substratum is a modular system for Android phones that can interpret program and system interface items to change its look. The program does not intercept any data from your device or the programs that are in it, and only changes simple items of appearance like colors, shapes and other items.

All changes that the program allows to make in the system are made from themes or plugins, which are published in Google Play. Due to its modular system, all items that are activated from the Substratum can be easily disabled.


For the following method to work, you must have Android in the version Oreo (8.0) with or without root or, in the version Nougat (7.0) with root. Also, if you’re on Android Oreo without root, you’ll also need a Windows computer to activate it, as explained below.

Substratum Installation

To change the color of the WhatsApp interface it is necessary to use the Substratum. Therefore, you must first follow these steps to install and configure it:

  1. Go to Google Play and download the Substratum Theme Engine;
  2. If you’re on Android Oreo, follow the steps below. If you are in the Nougat version with root, you can skip to the install portion of the Substratum add-on;
  3. When opening the Substratum, continue with your explanation and touch “Download now”;
  4. Download the Andromeda application, which is paid for. At the time of publication of the article, the value of the application was $2.49;
  5. Now, if you do not already have it, you need to enable the mobile developer mode. To do this, enter the “Settings” of the device, go to “About the phone”, enter “Software information” and give 7 tones in “Number of the compilation”.
  6. Back in the “Settings” screen, enter “Developer Options” and enable the “USB Debugging” option.

Following the above process, in the case of Android Oreo without root, you now need the computer to proceed. Look:

  1. Connect your phone to your computer and open the Andromeda application on Android;
  2. Now, on the computer, download the file from this link and extract the contents of the ZIP into a folder;
  3. Start the file “Start_andromeda”. If you have any error messages during the process, run it as an administrator;
  4. In the message displayed, press “Enter”;
  5. If the computer shows a message and error, just run the “Start_Andromeda” again that it should work;
  6. Keep your phone connected to your computer.

Changing the color of WhatsApp

At this point, the Substratum is ready to go, so you have to get the necessary component so that it can change the WhatsApp color. Check how to proceed:

  1. Go to Google Play and download [Substratum] EWhats color;
  2. Open the Substratum application and select the “Ewhats color” from the list;
  3. Select the color you want, check the box next to “WhatsApp” and touch the highlighted button by touching “Install selected”;
  4. Restart your phone.

Now, WhatsApp should already have its colors changed. Whenever you want to change the appearance of the messaging application again, simply repeat the last steps of this tutorial.

How to uninstall

To remove these custom colors, you only have to enter the Substratum application, enter the “Manager” tab and disable WhatsApp there.

Ready! You already know how to change the look of your WhatsApp without having to resort to applications that replace it.

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