Hide WhatsApp Status from Some Contacts – WhatsApp status privacy

For privacy reasons, you may wonder how to hide WhatsApp Status. The Stories of WhatsApp, by default, can be viewed from all the contacts you have in your directory. There are options that allow you to manage who can look at the status and who do not. But perhaps, you could not find one that allows you not to show them to anyone. Well, if it were, I could help you.

In this guide, in fact, I’ll explain how to hide WhatsApp Status with your iPhone or Android smartphone. Specifically, I show you how to change your privacy options to prevent others from spying on WhatsApp without you wanting to.

How to hide WhatsApp Status

If you are wondering how to hide WhatsApp Status with an iOS or Android device, you must first decide whether to leave the Stories visible to some contact or just anyone. I tell you this, because if you decide to eclipse all the updates to the status, it’s as if they were off. Therefore, it will be useless to add photosGIFs or videos in the Status section, because no one will be able to see them.

When you have decided, you can proceed to hide WhatsApp Status. To do this, first open WhatsApp and follow the pathSetting > Account > Privacy. Then, tap the Status option. You will then see the section Who can see my updates. By default, the choice should be set to My contacts. Simply adjust this setting to manage the display of WhatsApp status. Below, you can understand how it is done.

To show WhatsApp Stories to all but a few contacts, choose My Contacts except and select the ones you want to exclude

To have the WhatsApp status view only to specific contacts, choose Share with and tap the contacts you want to share them with. Immediately after, press Done.

To not let anyone see WhatsApp Stories, choose Share With, do not select any contacts and tap Done.

Now that you understand how to hide WhatsApp Status with iPhone and Android, you can use these options to protect your privacy. Remember, however, that the new settings will be applied to updates to the status published by the change, but not to those already sent. So, if you want to make them active immediately, delete the status you shared previously. Or, wait for the canonical 24 hours to have them automatically deleted.

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