How to hide your number on Telegram

Among the many instant messaging apps present one of the most used is certainly Telegram considered the number one rival of Whatsapp. With the passage of time thanks to the addition of new features very interesting, the app has been able to attract the attention of many users. In this new tutorial, we will explain step by step how to hide your number on Telegram in an easy and quick and among other things we will give you some useful tips to stay safe from prying eyes by increasing noticeably the level of privacy. Let’s see together how to proceed.

How to hide your number on Telegram from a smartphone or tablet

Hiding the phone number on Telegram from a smartphone or tablet is very easy considering that the entire operation to be followed involves only a few steps. Assuming that the application is already present on your device and you have logged in, here is the procedure to follow:

  1. Find the Telegram icon on the Home screen or optionally in the app drawer and open the application;
  2. After this, click on the 3 dashes on the top left and choose Settings;
  3. Now, click on Username which remains under the Info section and set one as you wish;
  4. Confirm the change by pressing Done or the V sign which remains at the top right.

From this moment on, all the other Telegram members can find you in the application by typing your username in the appropriate search field or using the link to open a chat – example.

How to hide the phone number on Telegram from a computer

If you are used to using your PC running Linux, MacOS or Windows, then you can easily take advantage of the dedicated Telegram app to hide the mobile number. Here’s how:

  1. Assuming you have already downloaded and installed Telegram Desktop, let it go;
  2. Now from the window that appears, tap on the 3 dashes that remain at the top left and choose Settings;
  3. Continuing, you just click on the content next to Username: under the info section;
  4. As already seen on mobile, write the user name that best suits you and confirm the change by simply pressing Save.

How to hide the phone number on Telegram from the Internet

Many of you are certainly aware that Telegram can be safely used also via the web through an easy browser.

Following all the steps to hide the phone number:

  1. First of all open your default browser and therefore connect to the page of Telegram Web;
  2. If you have not already done so, log in by entering your phone number, the code received in the Telegram conversation – accessible from another device – and any password if you have activated two-factor authentication;
  3. Continuing, click on the 3 dashes that remain at the top left and choose Settings from the small menu that appears;
  4. Finally, click on the content above on Username, enter a username you want and confirm the change by clicking on Save.

Telegram: the best tips to increase the level of privacy

In addition to hiding the phone number from prying eyes, we strongly recommend that you change some other parameters that are always present in the Telegram Settings. For example, to greatly increase the level of privacy you can limit users who can see the last access you made to the application by setting My contacts or None or customize the exceptions by choosing with whom you intend to share or not the access by going to Settings – by clicking on the 3 dashes at the top left of the main application screen – and opting for Privacy and Security. The same can be done with groups and calls.

Always entrusting you to the Privacy and Security section you can decide whether or not to set an unlock code, activate the two-factor verification or view the active sessions and then finish them by clicking on Stop other sessions. By turning your attention to the Advanced privacy and security section, you can also permanently remove the Telegram account.

In conclusion, if you want you can delete payment and shipping information, see the Internet sites that support registration via Telegram and permanently delete all synchronized contacts.

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