How to reactivate an Instagram account from smartphone, PC

Instagram is one of the most used social networks and boasts an important pool of users. Suffice it to say that it has about 15 million users every month and 8 million users active every day, especially women around 53%. Despite these dizzying data, many people for reasons unknown to us decide to disable their Instagram account after using for a few days. However, like everything, it may happen to have a little change and therefore look for a solution online that explains specifically how to reactivate an Instagram account in a simple and fast way.

The procedure that we will now see below will be carried out by smartphones, PC or directly using the official Instagram site. We also remind you to read the tutorial on how to get the blue Instagram check.

How to reactivate an Instagram account from a smartphone

Reactivating your Instagram account is simple and the operation can be done either from a smartphone or PC using the app and the official site. Following we will see how to do from your phone. Here is the complete procedure:

  1. Assuming that of course you have already installed Instagram –  AndroidiOS and Windows Phone, open it by clicking on the icon on the drawer or main screen;
  2. In the next screen that appears, enter the correct login credentials you used previously – Username and Password – and click on Login;
  3. After a few seconds, the personal profile will be automatically reactivated and you will be greeted by a welcome message with all posts, likes, followers and profiles followed in their place.

How to reactivate an Instagram account from a Windows PC 10

Instagram provides an app for the latest version of the Microsoft system that you can download from the dedicated store at the following address.

If you are really convinced to reactivate an Instagram account using the official Windows 10 program, then do so:

  1. First of all, start the application of Instragram by pronouncing the appropriate command with the Cortana assistant – if activated -, from Start or by typing Instagram into the search field;
  2. Once the software has started, enter the right credentials of your account – phone number, user name, email or password – and tap on Login;
  3. Also in this circumstance you will find everything as you had left previously and with a welcome back message on the main social screen.

How to reactivate an Instagram account from the Internet site

If you did not use the official app on Windows smartphone and PC but only from the Internet site, then luckily there is also a good way to reactivate the account. Here are all the steps to follow:

  1. The first step is to connect to the Internet page at the following address and then log in by entering your personal data – phone number, username or email and password;
  2. Also in this case, tap on Login to log in to your personal account;
  3. Once you have successfully logged in to the platform, you will find everything as it was before along with a nice welcome back message.

As you have seen reactivating an Instagram account via the Internet, via PC or smartphone is very simple. If you still have any doubt then feel free to leave a comment in the box below.

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