One of the possibilities for computer security that can be found on our iPhones, iPads and computers is the VPN, or Virtual Private Network.

It is a network through which you can surf the internet, but you do it in a private way, that is without any external intrusion that allows us to understand what we are doing. This is a technology usually used by companies, with the aim of protecting corporate data, but it can also be useful for individuals to have a safe navigation.

In this article we will talk about Hidester, one of the services that make available the possibility of having a VPN to surf in complete safety.

Hidester VPN

Hidester: what it is and how it works

Hidester is the service that allows us to create our virtual private network and use it on different devices. The service is paid, has a variable annual cost and allows you to have different benefits during use.

First of all, it is available on both the computer and on smartphones, iOS or Android. For the computer an executable is available, while for mobile systems there is an app that activates the VPN, as clearly visible in the upper left corner where the symbol of the network is replaced by the word ]VPN.

Once the service is started, our navigation will be private and can not be seen from the outside, but we also have the possibility to enter the network from all the devices we have available, even if we are at a distance (for example, enter our private network even when we are miles away from our company).

Function very interesting to Hidester is one that allows you to stop browsing if the VPN fall and we are sailing with normal non-private network. The fact that browsing is interrupted allows you to immediately see that we are no longer covered by the network, and that therefore we risk not being able to access the company network or even to send non-encrypted information on an unsafe network.

Hidester supports three protocols among the most used, namely OpenVPN, CamoVPN and even CamoWeb, which is not a real VPN but a particular server useful for safe browsing on the web, rather than to protect company data. For safe navigation, it is, therefore, one of the best weapons we have available.

Also useful is the possibility to change the IP address at any time, with a single key (on a computer or app) in case some site is blocked due to our origin (for example, with a Chinese IP some sites may not be reachable) and this allows you to surf everywhere, on the internet, without any particular problems.

Finally, there is a simple mode, designed for beginners or those who can not configure a VPN in more depth, and an advanced mode, which allows you to make more detailed and useful configurations for companies or for those who need more complex uses than the Basic mode: overall, one of the best VPN and secure browsing services we can find.


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