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Sometimes it is necessary to use a VPN for Netflix to enjoy the contents of the famous TV series and movie streaming service. Since it arrived in our country, Netflix has really hit the hearts of users. As you well know, this is an international company that offers various contents in various countries, for legal and non-legal reasons. For example, if you are Indian or US resident abroad, you will not be able to view the same catalog you were used to looking in your country.

A loophole, however, is present for almost all the problems that arise when using the latest technology. Today we will talk about the best VPN for Netflix,  in this way you will be able to easily access the contents available for other countries.

How the regional block of Netflix works

In addition to content that is only appealing in certain countries, the reason for Netflix to diversify its catalog is easy to determine. In fact, most of the series are only published in some countries due to copyright. 

Netflix in fact makes agreements with the individual distributors present in a nation, acquiring the rights to share certain securities are in the country specified in the contract signed. Sometimes it happens that the rights to put in the catalog TV series or movies are too expensive compared to the return they could have and for this reason, Netflix decides to restrict the streaming only to certain countries.

Bypass regional blocks of Netflix with a VPN

Even if you know this term, it’s easy to understand what VPNs are and how they work. In short, these are online services that allow you to redirect your connection as if it were from a different country than the one in which you live. In reality, this explanation is quite reductive, as the VPNs also add a series of security measures hardly used by current providers.

All traffic coming from your smartphone, computer or tablet will be shielded by an encrypted connection that makes it impossible for anyone to find out what you are doing online.

Using a VPN with Netflix is therefore the perfect alternative to solve more than one problem at the same time. Now, before proceeding with the discovery of the best VPN for Netflix, we still have a topic to deal with.

Netflix and VPN: known problems

It is not all now that glitters, we know this well. In fact, in the past, VPN and Netflix did not get along very well. The most used streaming platform in the world, has managed to block several of these solutions.

Fortunately, some service providers have managed to find a way to bypass the ban by Netflix,  giving users the ability to seamlessly access the complete catalog of other countries. Our task, in this case, was to put the VPNs working together with Netflix, saving you the trouble of looking for them on your own. Are you curious to find out what they are?

1. NordVPN

Nord VPN is perhaps the best service of this type for those who, in addition to use it with Netflix, it aim for the highest possible security. Within the website, there are specific servers that will allow you immediate access to Netflix, without even having to look for the right ones.

If you then look for an even safer approach, you can find dedicated servers, where your data are encrypted twice,  P2P servers and others dedicated to protection against DDoS attacks. 

2. Pure VPN

PureVPN is essentially a security suite that also offers excellent VPN services. It is a service that, for your joy, works perfectly with Netflix and will give you the opportunity to easily access the contents of other countries. Security features include 256-bit encrypted data, and no logging of navigation logs.

You will also be spoiled for choice on the servers to choose from, which are as many as 750 in 140 different regions of the world. Among the top features you will also find anti-malware and anti-virus protection a spam filter and protection against DDoS attacks. This software are easy to download for popular operating systems such as Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS.

3. Express VPN

Express VPN is one of the most popular VPNs currently on the international scene. This is due to its ease of use,  the fast connection and the perfect functioning coupled with Netflix. If you unfortunately, have to use a server not compatible with the streaming service, just change it and use a different one. To solve this problem, you can also consult the dedicated guide on the official website.

In addition to working perfectly with Netflix, Express VPN offers features aimed at increasing the security of your navigation. One of these provides the use of 256-bit encrypted data no recording of navigation data and the ability to choose from  1500 servers located in 94 different countries.

4. CyberGhost

CyberGhost is perhaps the VPN for Netflix best suited to those approaching for the first time to such a service. Its use is in fact extremely simple, thanks to a software part that does not require particular configurations or technical knowledge. If you want to see your favorite TV series, just open CyberGhost VPN and select the “Unblock Streaming” optionAfter that it will be sufficient to open the browser and browse the Netflix web page.

In addition to a very simple configuration, CyberGhost also offers an excellent connection speed and 256-bit integrated encryption. If you decide to configure this service manually, you will have around 1300 servers spread around the world.

Other VPNs to try

In addition to streaming, VPNs are very useful for many other uses, such as accessing a blocked site or increasing your security while browsing.


For the moment these are the best VPN working with Netflix and we assure you that, by choosing them, you will not go into any kind of problems. Their cost is very low, not more than a couple of coffees a month, which makes VPNs for Netflix also convenient from an economic point of view.

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