How influencers monetize their videos on TikTok

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TikTok ( Android | iOS ) is a video and social networking application that has seen its users grow considerably since 2018, when it was purchased by ByteDance, still under the name, and launched in the US thereafter. The app is currently in the top five in the Play Store, which has certainly caught the attention of digital influencers and the brands that sponsor them.

However, unlike Instagram, TikTok does not have a feed where only the posts of people followed by the user are viewed, but rather a page titled “For You”, which shows videos similar to the last viewed. So instead of relying on a solid amount of views (like on Instagram), influencers have to venture a lot more into TikTok, creating ways to gain more and more viewership and ensure that the public is interested in the brands being advertised.

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How to monetize videos on TikTok

User engagement with content posted on TikTok can be harder to count when compared to other social networks. However, the rewards if content gets the right amount and profile of viewers can be much better – which makes companies keep investing in the app. That’s because, as I said, TikTok has much more potential to viralize a video today, thanks to the “For You” page, since even users with few followers can be watched all over the world if they can produce creative content.

Precisely for this reason, digital influencers have been using and abusing their creativity when creating videos to promote brands. According to TikTok influencer Eitan Bernath, TikTok ads should also be charged for their “creative aspect, not just the number of views or followers”. So while he claims to charge less for a TikTok ad because of the difficulty of reaching the same number of views more than once, the influencer also says he wants to set a base price, to which “an X value per million will be added. of views”.

So if you plan to go viral on TikTok, be aware that instead of your followers, what really counts will be your ability to create content that appeals to your audience.

So if you plan to go viral on TikTok, be aware that instead of your followers, what really counts will be your ability to create content that appeals to your audience.

Use audio to your advantage

Another feature that can be included in the creativity question is the way the user uses audio in their videos. Since TikTok makes music available, it also lets you use third-party audios to make funny voiceovers, videos that have only images or that don’t rely on creative dialogue usually have less engagement.

Because of TikTok’s potential for popularity, even artists have paid influencers to make videos by dubbing, dancing or listening to their music.

The future of monetized videos on TikTok

Through continuous use of the app, influencers ensure that you can achieve more views and, based on it, make calculations like Bernath’s, where the amount of money paid for the ad increases with a certain number of views and engagement. Thus, TikTok can act as an alternative to Instagram or Facebook when it comes to promoting a brand, or even another tool for influencers who want to expand their horizons.

Source: Business Insider

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