How many chapters has Red Dead Redemption 2

RDR2 is one of the largest games in both the size of the world and the number of hours play so far. Because it is quite extensive and has many secrets to unravel, it is normal for players to have questions about the game. One of the main questions is about the number of chapters of RDR2. Check out a list of this guide to find out all the details.

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How many chapters?

The Rockstar Games game has six chapters in its main story, of which each chapter has multiple missions. The Van der Linde gang usually moves at the end of each chapter, so players will have a chance to fully see the open world of Red Dead Redemption 2.

In addition, there are also two epilogue/endgame chapters that continue the story beyond the golden path. It can take more than 60 hours for players to complete a game.

List of chapters and missions:

  • Chapter 1: Colter – 6 missions
  • Chapter 2: Horseshoe Overlook – 18 missions
  • Chapter 3: Clemens Point – 17 missions
  • Chapter 4: Saint Denis – 14 missions
  • Chapter 5: Guarma – 9 missions
  • Chapter 6: Beaver Hollow – 18 missions
  • Epilogue Part I: Pronghorn Ranch – 10 missions
  • Epilogue Part II: Beecher’s Hope – 11 missions

From end to end, considering only the story and considering prologue and epilogue, Red Dead Redemption 2 has 109 missions. In addition, the game features quests from strangers, which function as optional quests: there are a total of 26 strangers, which are the characters with whom the protagonist interacts to start each of these quests, which can be divided into several stages.

People who have waited nearly a decade for the release of Red Dead Redemption 2 will gladly receive as much content as possible, but regardless of how long the story is or how many chapters there are in the game, there is plenty to do on the map, something that is not limited only to hunting, stealing and collecting rewards.

How many hours?

It is difficult to definitively classify how long it will take the player to finish the game as there are many optional and parallel activities available – a recurring feature in every Rockstar open world game. However, playing at a slower pace and focusing only on the quests that progress through history, it can take anywhere close to 60 hours to complete RDR2, according to How Long To Beat.

Whether you want to play to complete the game or get the platinum trophy, you need to prepare for much more time invested: trophy collector players have reported over 220 hours in the world of Red Dead Redemption 2.

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Game has 109 missions in story mode only – Photo: Rockstar

Do NPCs Remember You?

The RDR2 script has over half a million lines of dialogue between characters, ranging from the protagonists of the story to the dozens of NPCs that populate the game world. It is so much dialogue that a good part of the conversations will hardly be witnessed by the player.

Interactions with these characters are also deeper. If the player gets ready in town, the NPCs will remember what Arthur has done and make comments about it. If you attack someone in charge of a store, they will remember the episode and may appear with bandages on their wounds for some time.

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NPCs have their own dialogue and can remember the things you did in town or with them – Photo: Rockstar

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