Best apps to find out who is Spying on your WhatsApp Profile

Want to know who’s spying on WhatsApp? Here’s how to find out who is watching and checking your profile with these apps and useful tricks. All you need to know.

The Best apps to find out who is Spying on your WhatsApp Profile

Spying on WhatsApp is possible, but there are also several apps and tricks to find out who’s spying on your profile. Not all of them are reliable and free, and it is very difficult to understand which of the many proposals to download and be able to use in peace.

Spying on someone in Whatsapp or in real life is never a good idea, but this does not deny the contrary, or that it is right to find out who is poking their nose into chats and conversations. Many of the apps to monitor who looks at your profile on Whatsapp often prove to be unreliable and we talk about applications through which you need to register your phone number in order to connect them to your account. So you need to look around carefully before downloading them to your phone.

Unexpectedly one of the safest and most reliable ways to know who spies on us on WhatsApp is … WhatsApp itself. Below we will also see other alternative apps that are worth knowing.

How to find out who spies WhatsApp

As we saw in our guide on how to spy WhatsApp the most direct way to spy on WhatsApp is through WhatsApp Web. Just have someone take our smartphone for a moment, go to your device (PC, tablet or smartphone) on the WhatsApp Web site, scan the QR Code that appears on our screen and you’re done: you will have access to our chat rooms WhatsApp in real time every time we are connected.

If you are afraid of being spied on, the first thing to do is go to Settings> WhatsApp Web and check that there are no other devices connected to your account. If you find anyone click on “Disconnect from all computers“: this will prevent third parties from being able to access your profile again. If instead clicking on WhatsApp Web opens the camera screen with the QR code to be scanned, it means that no one has logged into your account and you can feel comfortable.

If you did not make a preventive check, do not worry: when there is another device connected to your account via the Web version, WhatsApp warns you with a push notification and you can immediately disconnect it from your smartphone.

Whats Tracker for WhatsApp

There is also an app that seems to be very reliable in this respect, but has its price. Yes, because like all good quality products you have to make some compromises.

The app in question is called Who Visit My Profile? – Whats Tracker for WhatsApp and among the myriad of possibilities it seems to be that with a positive feedback.

Who Visit My Profile? – Whats Tracker for WhatsApp can be downloaded for free from the Play Store. Once the application is installed you will be asked to log in with your Google account; you will then need to provide your username and password. As a second step you will be asked for the phone number with which you use Whatsapp (there are also ways to connect two numbers on the same phone), then you can start using the application. As we said before, however, Whats Tracker for WhatsApp has its price and consists in making in-app purchases. This is because to “unlock” your contacts you will need virtual tokens in the app.

When you open the application for the first time you will find yourself in front of a list of contacts. On the right there will be written how many hours ago the user visited your profile, while on the left you will find the censored name with 100 coins written on it.

The coins are nothing but tokens and for the first few times you will be allowed to earn them simply by writing a review for the app on the Play Store. The longer the review, the more chips you will get.

After, however, you will be forced to buy the chips with your money, but in the meantime you will have had the chance to try Whats Traker. Consequently, if you see that the app actually does its duty, it might be worth spending some money to find out who is spying on Whatsapp.

Finally, for privacy reasons, you will not be able to view the name and surname in the contact list of the application, but you will only see the username of the people with whom you have sent Whatsapp.

Another point to check to be sure of not being spied on is the geolocation of our device, which can be used to know exactly the real position of our smartphone.

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