Four ways smartphones have changed our lives for the better

Four ways smartphones have changed our lives for the better

A 2021 global study into smartphone usage revealed some incredible news about our relationship with these gadgets. Researchers discovered that across the world, people consider their phones to be a basic necessity and as significant in their life as their home. With that in mind, it’s not surprising that we feel lost when we’ve left our phone behind or if it runs out of charge while we’re on the move. More than a billion people use smartphones and we have come to rely upon them in almost every aspect of our lives.

How has the technology improved?

Smartphones represent a huge improvement on older mobiles, which offered basic functions such as calls and texts, along with the odd simple game. Now our smartphones help us with academic work, find us a date and allow us to share information, as well as keeping us in touch. Here’s a look at why they’ve become an essential part of our lives.

You’re never lost with a smartphone

Once you’ve mastered the simple art of GPS navigation, you may never look at a paper map again. Using a map app via your smartphone means you know where you are and can get to where you want to go – with voice directions if you prefer. Services like Google Maps can be integrated with the media system of your car for road directions, but they will also provide public transport details when needed. In unfamiliar surroundings, it’s like having a tour guide alongside you at all times.

Entertainment on the go

Keeping yourself occupied in a waiting room or on the daily commute has never been more fun. If your phone has sufficient storage, you can take all your favorite music, games and TV shows with you wherever you go. For gamers, there are numerous AAA titles, fun 2D games and casinos on a phone, just take a look at Mobile Casino Service for the low down on the most popular apps for smartphones. Their reviewers have compared the offerings of numerous online casinos, making it easy for you to find live dealer games, slots and scratch cards in minutes.

Staying in touch with loved ones

Phone calls and texts are great, but many family and friend groups now use video calls, group chats and shared photo albums to stay close. These digital communications reinforce and strengthen the bonds we share with our loved ones, even if they live on a different continent.

Features to suit every user

Smartphones are packed with accessibility functions that help disabled people with a range of tasks. Using voice activation, it’s possible to call people, write texts or notes and navigate the phone’s menu just by speaking commands. You can also use a screen reader to speak back to you. This is great for reading your messages, browsing and learning more about the images which go with a new story. Furthermore, smartphones can connect with other devices, such as smart speakers, hearing aids and electronic Braille devices to optimize your experience of using these.

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