How to change IP address of your PC

You were downloading some files from a hosting service, but were you suddenly stuck because your IP exceeded the daily download limit? Have you tried to watch the videos on an American website, but you failed because your IP address, is located in an unsupported geographical area? It would really take a way to change the IP address of the PC, and even quickly.

Fortunately for you, I have several solutions suitable for this purpose: they are online services and applications, both free and paid, which allow you to browse the net by “disguising” the IP address of your computer (or rather of your modem) in one, at most two, clicks. How do you say? What interests you but you are not very practical in terms of information technology and new technologies? Well, what’s the problem? The solutions to change the IP of the PC that I’m going to suggest you use can in fact be exploited without particular difficulty even by those who, a bit like you, do not consider themselves exactly as a “freak”.

If you are therefore willing to find out how to change the IP of the PC using these solutions, I suggest you take a few minutes of free time and follow the instructions I am about to give you. I’m sure you’ll be surprised by the ease with which you can do this. What do you think we bet? Well, anyway, at this point I just have to leave the tutorial and wish you a good read.



Before giving you all the explanations of the case on how to change the IP address of the PC seems to me to make some important clarifications. What is this famous IP that your tech friends talk a lot about? What is it, exactly? Let’s do some clarity.

The IP address is nothing but a sort of numerical “plate” that uniquely identifies all the devices connected to a network. IP addresses can be dynamic, that is, they change with each connection, or static, that is, fixed.

The IP addresses can also be internal, ie those that the router assigns to each device that is part of the local network (eg etc.), and external (also called global), ie those that identify a connection is univocal and is common to all the devices that use it (eg 2.2323.xx66.249.xx etc.).

Going to change the IP address you can therefore “fool” Web sites, make them believe they are different users or live in other countries from the actual one from which the connection. It is a useful operation, from the moment it allows you to bypass restrictions and complaints that some online services and websites apply to content offered to the public.

You can check your IP address on this website. I proceeded to explain how to change your IP address.

How to change PC IP via online services

Proxy Site

Now that you have clear ideas about the IP address and its nature, we can finally move on to the real action and go and find out what you need to do to change it on your computer.

Let’s start with a super-simple solution: if you want to change the IP of your PC and camouflage your current address without downloading or installing software on your computer, immediately connect to the Proxy Site online proxy that allows you to browse online using foreign IP addresses of your choice between European or US servers.

To use it, type the address of the Web page you want to visit with the IP in the bar located at the center of the screen and click on the orange Go button.

The service also integrates a whole series of advanced options through which it is possible to change the server from which to be connected, the possibility to enable scripts or cookies.

You can also decide to subscribe to a Premium subscription that gives you access to a dedicated VPN service. If the thing interests you, you can click here to read the appropriate web page relating to prices on the website of Proxy Site.

Keep in mind, that online proxy solutions, like one we have just seen together, are very immediate, but also quite limited. For example, because of their slowness they do not allow to stream video content in high quality.

Mainly, these web proxies are only used to disguise their identity (and their geographic origin) on websites, social networks or online services that do not require a particular “effort” of bandwidth.

Alternative online services

Another free Web Proxy service that I recommend you take seriously into consideration is FilterBypass which presents convenient quick access buttons to services like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Furthermore, its operation is not unlike that of Proxy Site.

Another alternative that I invite you to try is This is a free online service that presents similar practical features and those of the solution that I suggested in the previous lines, allowing you to access one of the available proxy servers.

How to change IP of the PC via programs


If the solutions to change the IP of the PC that I suggested in the previous lines have not met your needs, I suggest you try TunnelBear.

It is in fact a quick and easy to use program, which allows you to hide the real IP addresses of your computer (but also the smartphone or tablet) behind a foreign IP address.

The service offered by TunnelBear is free up to 500 MB of traffic per month, based on a VPN, a virtual private network that hides the user’s IP, and protects its identity; it also does not require any special configuration to work.

If you want to try it, immediately connect to TunnelBear website using the link that I have just provided you and click on the Get Started, It’s Free button to download the program to your computer.

When the download is complete, if you are using a computer with Windows installed, start the installation package called TunnelBear-Installer.exe and click in sequence on I AgreeInstall and Yes to complete the setup.

When the operation is complete, create your free account on the service by clicking on Create a free account. Fill out the form that is proposed to you by indicating in the appropriate text fields your email address and the password you want to use to access the account, then press on Next and then on Skip to reach a summary screen of your registration.

Access your e-mail address, click on the confirmation link received from TunnelBear to confirm your newly created account.

Then go back to the program and click on the Continue button. Accept the possible installation of the drivers that are proposed to you (by clicking first on OK and then on Install ) and prepare to camouflage your IP.

The operation is very simple to do: all you have to do is choose a country (for example United StatesUnited Kingdom) from the drop-down menu on the right, or choose one of the icons on the interactive map.

A message will then appear to confirm the choice of the country; then click on the Yes button to confirm. You will see that the top right button has automatically switched to the On status, waiting for the configuration to complete the transition to the new IP. Browsing can be done from any browser: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Firefox etc.

When you want to disable the connection, click the top On button to change it to Off.

As mentioned earlier, you can use TunnelBear not only to change the PC’s IP but also to do the same on smartphones and tablets being available as a mobile app for iOS and Android devices and activate it in a couple of “taps”.

Please note that TunnelBear is also available in a paid version: by subscribing to a subscription you can obtain a greater amount of data traffic. To know all the details of the case, click here so that you can immediately connect to the web page of reference on the website of the service.

Alternative programs

TunnelBear is not for you or has not been able to particularly attract your attention? Then take a look at CyberGhost right away. This is another software to download and install on your computer that allows you to change the IP of the PC without having to make special configurations to make it work.

Just download the service client on your computer (it is compatible with Windows and macOS) and press a button to start browsing using a camouflaged IP. Easier than that?

Other solutions for changing PC IP

If you do not want to appear connected from another country, you can also change your PC’s IP simply by switching off and on your router. In fact, if you have a dynamic IP connection and therefore that changes with each connection, the time to restart the router and you will have a brand new address that will allow you to overcome all the blocks and limits eventually encountered in the previous navigation.

However, if your router does not have a key to switch it on and off, you can restart the device at the software level by accessing its internal panel and find the virtual button to press to restart the router.

Please note that this is usually located in the Administration or System Tools section and just click on it so that the device reboots itself and re-establishes the Internet connection within 30-40 seconds.