If you try to access the Chatroulette website, you will be rejected by a message stating that your account has been blocked? This happens when you break the rules of the service, causing offenses or becoming protagonists of obscenity during video chat with other people, but sometimes you can see your PC locked only for the wrong signaling of someone or because of some error in the system of Chatroulette filtering.

If you too have fallen victim to one of these errors and you want to find out  how to unlock Chatroulette to return to chat before the ban expires (usually lasts about ten minutes, but in severe cases it can even last up to 3 days), follow the instruction that I am about to give you and you should be able to return to the site without any kind of problem. It takes five minutes, even less.

You need to know that to identify people Chatroulette uses flash cookies , files similar to the classic browser cookies, however, those applications that use Flash Player. This means that to find out  how to unlock Chatroulette and get around the block it should be enough to delete this data from your PC. How you do it? Nothing could be simpler.

Connect with any browser to this Internet site and use the box located at the center of the screen to view the list of flash cookies on your PC. Then identify those related to chatroulette.com in the list, select them and click on the Delete Website button first and then click on Confirm to delete them from your PC. If you want to do a more thorough job, permanently delete all the flash cookies saved in the system by clicking on Delete all.
At this point, you should be able to unblock Chatroulette. In any case, if connecting to the site should still be blocked, do not be discouraged and try to access it again by changing the IP address of your computer.

To change the IP of the PC, now you have to do is turn off your router with the power button located on its back and turn it back on. Alternatively, you can enter its internal control panel by typing its address in the browser (eg ) and reset it at the software level by clicking on the button to restart the router which is usually located in the Administration or System Tools sections of the panel.