how to change default font style in windows 10

Windows 10 has many hidden features inside it changing fonts of various menu, the folders and windows is one of them.

To change the style of the writing in the menus and windows in Windows 10 you must follow this simple guide.

To be precise, you need to change the font to a specific Windows 10 registry key.

– Press the Windows-R keys together, type regedit, press Enter.

– From the left folders, open the following path:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrentVersion \ FontSubstitutes and change the value “Segoe UI” = ” Tahoma ” (font used as an example).

If this key did not exist, it must be created as new. Open a new text document and write to it:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrentVersion \ Fonts]

“Segoe UI (TrueType)” = “” “Segoe UI Bold (TrueType)” = “” “Segoe UI Bold Italic (TrueType)” = “” “Segoe UI Italic (TrueType)” = “” “Segoe UI Light (TrueType)” = “” “Segoe UI Semibold (TrueType)” = “” “Segoe UI Symbol (TrueType)” = “” [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrentVersion \ FontSubstitutes] “Segoe UI” = ” Tahoma ”

Now save the file with the name change-font.reg  (Enter the file name in quotes to add the * .reg extension to the file, otherwise the Notepad will save it as a text file)

You can save it in any desired location with any name.

After saving it, double-click on it. Restart Windows 10 to apply the changes.

Another way to change the type of character of the menu of Windows 10  is to use the program Winaero Tweaker.

In Winaero Twekaer there are two menus under Advanced Appearance Settings, to change fonts to icons, menus, messages, window titles, system and status bar (it also changes on Chrome’s address bar and other browsers).

You can also choose not to change fonts and change it only in bold or italic if you prefer.

In case of incorrect changes, Winaero Twekaer can be used to return to the previous situation, using the Reset Advanced Appearance option.

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