How to download a complete website for offline viewing

Do you want to download entire websites on your PC? If it is your intention then today we are suggesting you 3 free software that allows you to download an entire website in an extremely simple and fast.

The best 3 software to download a website on your PC

Fresh WebSuction

Fresh WebSuction is a freeware software which is available for Windows OS (both 32 bit and 64 bit).

Its operation is very easy for download of sites or web pages, just type the URL from which the program will automatically download entire web pages.

Intuitive in terms of user interface and malware-free, Fresh WebSuction allows interested parties to view all content offline.

You can access your downloaded website just by opening your program bar.

Among other additional features of Fresh WebSuction it is worth mentioning that allows the simultaneous downloading of 50 files with a lot of saving web pages on the hard disk and one that guarantees to those who want the ability to download files and contents.

Once set the filters: there is only the embarrassment of the choice between the audio and video formats available file extensions, addable and removable, including asp, aspx, cfm, cgi, jsp, htm, html, htms, htmlx, htmp , htx, idc, nsf, php, php3, pl, shtm, shtml.

The downloaded site can then be navigated through the appropriate program bar and previewed within it, or visited via an external browser.


Here is another of those software that a few years ago would have proved much more useful.

Then, the advent of broadband has changed things a lot. Although in terms of graphic layout, the free program in question appears very old (remember the distant times of Windows 98).

It must be said that it has a myriad of features, highly customizable based on user needs, small size ( just 4 MB) and the download function is via proxy.

After starting HTTrack, it will be enough to choose the name of the project and the path where to save the website, the internet page or files of your liking (only photos, video only, etc.). Download HTTrack is available for Windows OS from 2000 onwards.

Cyotek WebCopy

It is easiest to use on the list. Once downloaded on your Windows OS both 32 and 64 bit (10 MB), Cyotek WebCopy will allow you to download a web page or an entire website without problems.

The procedure is really within everyone’s reach and consists of three simple steps: with the first, the user enters the URL of the reference website in the “Website” field. In the second, the user chooses the path in which the site will be downloaded.

Once the output folder is decided, the last step will consist of a simple click on “Copy Website” to download it.

The “Rules” button allows the filtering of pages and contents to be downloaded.

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