How to chat anonymously on Telegram on Android, iPhone and Web

Anonymous chat on Telegram, you’ve always heard of it but don’t have the slightest idea what it is? Don’t worry, you are in the right place if your interest is to chat with anyone without the need to reveal your identity; in fact the famous messaging service, considered by many to be better than Whatsapp, allows users to be able to chat with each other without tracing the identity of the other in any way. But before getting to the heart of this tutorial and before explaining the procedures to be able to do this, let me list the possibilities for chatting with someone in a completely anonymous way.

How to chat anonymously on Telegram on Android, iPhone and Web

How to chat anonymously?

If your intent is to chat with random people and in a completely anonymous way, we must then refer to anonymous chatbots, which intent is to match two people who use the same bot in a totally anonymous way, without the possibility to trace back to your interlocutor.

If instead your intention is to start a chat with an acquaintance of yours, without leaving any kind of trace at the end of the conversation, then I present you the secret chats of Telegram. In fact, using End-to-End cryptography, they do not allow any interception by third parties, not even by the Telegram developers themselves.

Anonymous Chat with Bots

As I have already mentioned to you, the bots serve to combine in a completely random way two people who use the same bot, in an absolutely anonymous way. Surely you are wondering what the best Telegram random bot is. My advice is to use Chat Incognito Bot, which, through a series of customizations such as sex, age and geographical location, allows you to talk to the person most similar to you.

Anonymous chat with a contact

This time the possibility of speaking anonymously disappears because, being a conversation between acquaintance contacts, everyone already knows the other’s identity, but the lack of this privilege opens the door to a new comfort, that of not leaving any trace of the conversation just occurred. In this case, Telegram uses End-to-End cryptography, which prevents any third person outside the two communicators, even from the same Telegram developers.

  1. Go to the info of the contact you want to chat with
  2. Select the option “Start secret chat
  3. At this point you will have to wait for the user in questions to accept the request to start chatting secretly

But the surprises do not end there, in fact Telegram also offers us the possibility to set a timer that on its expiry definitively eliminates the exchanged messages.

If you have an Android device:

  1. Press on the icon of the 3 dots at the top right
  2. Select the option “Set up a self-destruct timer
  3. Choose the time that interests you, which varies from a minimum of 1 second to a maximum of 1 week

If you have an Apple device:

  1. Press the clock icon
  2. Choose the timer that interests you
  3. Press on “Done

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