Best Apps To Measure Heart Rate in your iPhone and Android

The development of technology allows us to use new functions daily, thanks to which it is also possible to control and monitor our health. This is thanks to numerous applications that have been developed specifically for making measurements and controlling our state of health (there are applications that also monitor sleep). One of the most requested services is, without a doubt, the one that allows you to check your heart rate. In order to avoid the use of unreliable applications, we have compiled a list of the best apps that you can use to detect your heart rate.

The Best Apps To Measure Heart in your iPhone and Android

Applications for measuring heart rate

These new services that allow you to check your health can be fundamental and, in some cases, can alert you in case of anomalies and save your life.

How do they work?

Heart rate measurement applications can work in two ways:

  • Through contact with one of our body parts (contact photoplethysmography): the app uses the flashlight to measure the beat
  • Through the acquisition of the face (photoplethysmography not in contact ): the app uses the smartphone’s camera to trace the heart rate

Are they reliable?

According to recent studies these applications cannot be considered 100% reliable since their diagnoses, compared to those of an electrocardiogram, are not very faithful. Only a few applications, which I will list later, work well and come close to results obtained with medical devices. It is a good rule, however, to always rely on experts and use these services only for additional security if you want to keep your health under control every day.

The best apps to download

In this list you will find the apps that, in our opinion, are the most reliable to have on your smartphone.

Instant Heart Rate

Instant Heart Rate is the most reliable application and one of the first appearances in online stores. The application is available both in the basic version (with which it is only possible to measure the heart rate), and in various paid versions (with which you will have a complete report of all the measurements and various tests).

Its use is very simple:

  • Download the application (it is available for both Android and iOS )
  • Place your finger on the main camera
  • Click on Begin Measurement

Heart rate plus

Heart Rate Plus is another reliable application that works exactly like Instant Heart Rate. However, it does not provide a paid function and has many more functions than the previous one. In addition, the application offers support for Google Fit and can also be used with a smartwatch.

You can find it on the Play Store if you use an Android phone, or at the Apple Store if you have an iPhone.


Cardiio is an application available only for iOS that measures your heart rate with both contact and non-contact plethysmography. We advise you to use the contact mode, as it ensures greater accuracy. To unlock both features provided by the app, however, you’ll need to purchase the paid version.


Available only for AndroidCardiograph is a very simple looking app that recalls the interface of the homonymous medical professional tool. It works in a similar way to the other apps seen previously, ie using the skin contact and the smartphone camera.

Furthermore, at the end of the measurement, it will show you a graph with the result and will also allow you to see all your measurements made previously.

These are the best apps that we think you should use to check your heart rate. Always remember that you should never replace them with a doctor and that it is good to have regular examinations at qualified medical facilities.

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