7 best Google Play Pass games to make you buy subscription right now

The Play Pass was Google’s answer to the Apple Arcade, bringing games and apps for a $5 monthly fee. While not offering the same experience as its competitor service, the subscription is still very useful for Android users who spend a lot on the Play Store. Check out a list of the top 7 Google Play Pass games.

7 best Google Play Pass games

1. Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a well-known award-winning farm simulator that recently arrived on mobile. The game costs five dollars, but Play Pass subscribers can download for free.

2. Limbo

Limbo is a black and white platform puzzle developed by Playdead (which also published Inside). Winner of over 100 prizes, Limbo costs $5 on the Play Store and is included in the Play Pass.

3. Mini Metro

Build a subway system in a growing city to serve the population in this strategy puzzle. Outside the Play Pass subscription, the value of Mini Metro is one dollar.

4. Old Man’s Journey

Old Man’s Journey will try to bring you excitement as you follow the life of an old man on an adventure of “self-discovery about precious moments, shattered dreams and changed plans.” Also awarded, the game costs $5 off the Play Pass subscription.

5. Monument Valley

One more puzzle to the list, in Monument Valley the player must guide Princess Ida through optical illusion mazes and manipulate structures to find her way out. The value of the game is four dollars outside the Play Pass subscription.

6. Terraria

Known as Minecraft in 2D, Terraria is an action adventure game with a lot of exploration, construction and combat. You can play with up to seven other players. The title is worth five dollars if purchased outside of Play Pass.


7. Lumino City

Help Lumi find her kidnapped grandfather in this city full of puzzles and adventures, a hand-built environment of paper, cardboard, light and engines. Explore the city and solve the puzzles to find the old man. Lumino City costs five dollars off the Play Pass subscription.

Reminder: The service is only available in US territory, to subscribe you must have a US account. The values ​​for the best Google Play Pass games in the Brazilian Play Store may vary between titles.

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