How to Sign up for Google Play Pass with a U.S. account

The Google Play Pass was launched for Google Play-based Android users in the United States with the promise of offering 350 games and apps without ads and in-app purchases. Google’s subscription service hasn’t arrived in so many countries yet, but you can test if you have a US Android store account or switch your region account. Below I teach you how to do the process and explain if it’s worth the effort.

How to Sign up for Google Play Pass with a U.S. account

You can try Google Play Pass even though you are in a restricted country because it is the country you select that determines the content available in the store. However, you can only change your Google Play country once a year. If you are not in another country (in this case, the United States), it may not work at first ( try some VPNs ).

On the topic, we have a guide on “Changing Google Play Store Country“; read.

That done, which is already an initial effort, just follow the steps below:

Minimum requirements

  • A device with Android version 4.4 and higher;
  • Have the Google Play Store app version 16.6.25 or higher.
  • Be located in the United States (albeit virtually);
  • Have a valid payment method;
  • Have the same billing country and Google Play country;

How to buy a Google Play Pass subscription

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Play Store app;
  2. On the left, touch Menu;
  3. The Play Pass option should appear if you are in the US;
  4. Tap and then start the free trial;
  5. Check the price and payment method for the coming months;
  6. Tap “Subscribe”.

Note that you will only be charged at the end of the 10 day trial period. If you don’t want to be charged, cancel your subscription before the trial period ends.

For now, Google Play Pass is only available in the United States, with a monthly price of $ 4.99 or $1.99 for the first 12 months; for up to 6 family members.

The effort, at first, is not worth it if your account is from any other country and you will not trade it out of curiosity. There are few interesting games and applications that are free of ads after subscription. You can check them out by opening the Google Play Store app and tapping the “Play Pass” tab that will be fixed at the bottom of the screen.

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