How to create custom room in Free Fire

You can create a custom room in Free Fire very easily, as long as you have a little patience: the creation card is only distributed to members of a guild when it reaches a certain level. Therefore, it is necessary to play in groups of more people. Here’s how to create a custom room in Free Fire.

Garena free fire
Garena free fire

What is a guild?

To create a custom room in Free Fire, you must first create or be part of a guild, a group of players participating in tournaments. Here’s how to do it:

1. Creating a guild

  1. On the Free Fire main screen, tap the guild icon on the right side (the banner icon);
  2. Tap “Create Guild”;
  3. Enter the guild name in “Name” and the slogan in “Slogan”;
  4. Under “Approval Method” choose between:
    “Auto Approve” (new members can join the direct guild)
    and “Approve” (guild leader must approve each request);
  5. Tap “Confirm”.

2. Joining a guild

If you just want to join a guild, do the following:

  1. On the Free Fire main screen, tap the guild icon;
  2. Choose a guild and tap “Join”;
  3. Depending on how the guild was set up, you will either go straight in or your request will be pending until the leader approves or rejects it.

Already part of a guild, you will need to participate in tournaments with the player group until you accumulate 1,800 dog tags. Once this is done, each member will receive a Custom Room Card, which allows them to create a room in Free Fire. Then yes, let’s create the room.

How to create custom room in Free Fire

With the card, you can now create a custom room. See how:

  1. On the main screen, tap “Game Mode”;
  2. Choose the type of game you want to play (Solo, Duo or Squad);
  3. Tap “Custom” and then “Create Room”;
  4. In “Mode”, choose the game mode;
  5. In “Room Name”, type the name of the room;
  6. Under “Password”, set a room access password (optional);
  7. In “Mode” (the second), choose between “Solo”, “Duo” and “Squad” modes;
  8. In “N. of Players”, define the number of players in the room per game;
  9. In “N. of spectators”, define the number of people who will be able to watch the room matches;
  10. Choose to turn on or off the “Watch after death” and “Time on map” options; With everything ready, tap “Confirm.”

To join a room, tap “Game Mode”, “Custom” and choose one of the available rooms from your list. In this case, the room you created in Free Fire yourself.

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