How to delete Windows network password

To delete Windows network passwords, you must first open the start menu, activate the search bar, type ” Control Panel ” and click on Control Panel. Now, you need to enter the Network and Internet section and then choose  Network and Sharing Center.

Network and sharing center


On this screen, you need to select the Change advanced sharing settings option that you see in the left column. By entering the Advanced sharing settings, then expand the All networks option by clicking on the arrow you see next.

Now, to delete Windows network passwords, you need to find the password protected sharing entry and choose the option Disable password protected sharing. When you have done so, you must click on Save Changes and bypass the UACs to apply changes.

But I remind you that the system will allow you to proceed only if you do so with an account that has Administrator permissions.

The operation to delete Windows network passwords will help you to view shared files, folders and printers even to users who do not have an account and password to access your computer. However, deactivate it only when you are sure that nobody can spy on you.


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