The Facebook notifications on smartphones have increased and it is impossible not to notice. In the last period everyone will have seen appear on the screen “Your friend has published a new profile picture”, “Your friend has just replied to a comment” and other notices like that. Why has Facebook started to flood us with notifications regarding any activity carried out by our contacts?

That the social network of Mark Zuckerberg is experiencing a haemorrhaging of users, especially younger ones, is not new. But with this spamming of unwanted push notifications, despair becomes evident.

Facebook notifications have become annoying

Facebook has always tried to keep users active on the platform through emails and notifications. Recently, however, the line has been crossed and now the social network tells us also when an acquaintance comments someone else’s photo or when a distant relative updates his status. Some users have even reported that spam has also spread to those who register for two-factor authentication. It also seems that Facebook sends all these notifications especially to users who rarely access it and use it little.

The reason? Facebook needs our love. The new notifications seem to be part of a series of efforts to achieve what Mark Zuckerberg says is Facebook’s new mission: bringing people together and creating meaningful connections. However, it would seem that this new engagement tactic is proving counterproductive, leading less active users to greater disaffection.

What we often forget is that Facebook, as well as being a social network, is also a for-profit advertising business. Unwanted notifications are therefore spam and marketing campaigns, not unlike those that other online businesses use to promote their services. Through the alerts on the screen Facebook is connecting you with your friends in exchange for your attention.

How to disable Facebook notifications

To change the way you receive Facebook push notifications on your smartphone, open the app and go to Settings and privacy> Notification settings. 
To deactivate them on iOS (iPhone and iPad) go to Notifications> Facebook. Tap next to Allow notifications to enable or disable Facebook notifications.

On Android (operating system 6.0 and later) you will have to proceed like this: access the settings of your device, go to the App> app Management> Facebook> Notifications. 
Activate or deactivate Facebook notifications.


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