Instagram: No tricks will work to increase followers and fake likes

Instagram banned fake like and followers obtained through third-party apps: a practice that violates the social security spirit and terms.

Instagram says enough to fake accounts and fake likes: the social war declares bots and similar apps, which allow you to accumulate many followers and like to your profile in a short time.

The reason is simple: Instagram is increasingly popular among young people and not only, the social network dedicated to collecting photos, videos and small moments of the day called stories is at the top of the list of the most used apps every day.

So popular that there are few companies to make it a marketing tool, sometimes using influencers: people who have an exaggerated number of followers, ready to act as a testimonial for products and lifestyles.

Of course, not all can gather the number of followers needed to build a profile worthy of note and choose the alternative way in a short time, through third-party apps that allow you to reach dizzying numbers on Instagram in no time.

Instagram vs fake account

Buy like and follower is not difficult, through the various applications available you can choose whether to buy premium followers directly (fake profiles that, once purchased, are ready to guarantee you follow back forever) or exploit a point system that usually works in a pyramidal way: following 4 profiles, for example, you receive a follower in return (and the same procedure applies to the likes of the photos).
A long-known problem, to which Instagram chooses to curb: the company has recently announced that this type of practice violates the guidelines and terms of use of the platform, announcing provisions.

The fake profiles, and the related likes and comments, will be deleted from the social network and the related accounts touched by the “purge” will be informed directly by Instagram through a special notification.

The intent of the procedure is also the security factor, since many applications often require a shadow access to the profile through email and password: to the interested people, who have used in the past or are still using app tools to increase their followers and like, you will be prompted to reset your login information.

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