How to download photos, videos and live streaming

In this useful guide we will see how to download and save Instagram videos and live on iPhone, Android and PC in simple steps.

On Instagram it is now possible to download live videos on your iOS and Android device in a completely legitimate way. Thanks to the function already present on Facebook where the direct videos have a key to be saved.

To save the live videos of Instagram on iPhone or Android device just record the video and press Save. In this way the live streaming of Instagram are saved directly on our device, but are not available in the app nor visible to other users. So let’s see how to download and save Instagram Live Videos and other content posted on the photo social network.

Instagram: how to save direct videos

Saving a live Instagram video on the phone’s camera roll is very simple. Before sharing a story, simply tap the Save button with the down arrow icon to save it in your phone.

To save a video or a photo already shared on the social the procedure is as follows:

  • Open your history
  • Tap the (…) button at the bottom right of the video you want to download and save
  • Tap Save video

If you have shared more photos and videos in History, everyone can be saved in the device in a single video. Such as? It’s easy:

  • Open your history
  • Swipe up on the screen
  • Touch the arrow key in the circle at the top right.

How to save videos and Instagram photos on iPhone, Android and PC

We have seen how to download and save videos in live streaming of Instagram. But how to save all the other videos uploaded on Instagram that are not Stories on your phone?

The problem of downloading Instagram photos and videos is due to copyright: without the direct permission of that user, videos can not be downloaded.

There are several programs and apps for smartphones and desktop PCs to achieve this, and the good news is that most are free. The bad news is that they usually contain in-app purchases, tons of advertisements and are not intuitive and user-friendly. For iPhone, for example, there is Regrammer. Once downloaded, go to Instagram and open the photo or video you want to download and copy the link. Open Regrammer and paste the link in the specific box and click on Preview> Repost> More> Save image on the phone.

Here are other apps to download photos and videos from Instagram:

YouTubeByClick for Instagram: born to download Youtube videos, today there is also the version for Instagram, downloadable for free on PC or Mac. The program supports the most common formats like MP3, MP4 and Mov. Once downloaded just insert the url of the video to download and you can choose whether to download the audio only or even video.

InstantSave for Instagram for Android: it’s a free app available on Google Play that allows you to download photos and Instagram videos on your Android smartphone. To use it just download it, open it and take the url of the video to download, return to the app and complete the download.

InstaBoard for iPhone: it’s free and only available for iOS. It allows you to download iPhone and Instagram photos easily and also to bring videos and photos downloaded as repost.

RapidSave for Instagram: available on the App Store, this app for iPhone allows you to download or restore videos and photos on Instagram quickly and easily. Saved videos retain high quality and do not contain watermarks.

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