How to download videos from Facebook

Downloading videos from Facebook is a breeze and you can do on Android than on iPhoneiPad and desktop computer WindowsLinux or Mac. In this article we will show you all the existing procedures and for all devices and operating systems: sometimes just use the browser, other times an app or a program.

Let’s talk, let’s discover together how easy it is to download videos from Facebook on your PC, smartphone or tablet.

Download videos from Facebook on Android

We begin to list the procedures made available on Android thanks to the use of the right applications. Let’s have a look:

ES File Manager

Even now I’m wondering what this manager can do, or better … … what can not it do? ES File Manager (free for Android) really has an avalanche of features, some not yet discovered by users. In addition to being the king of file managers on Android, the app also provides a convenient browser that allows you to download network movies on your smartphone or tablet in absolute safety and without using other dedicated apps.

To access the browser, simply go to the manager’s Homepage tab and click on Facebook in the Bookmarks section .

A web browser will open where you can enter the login credentials of our Facebook profile. Open the profile just start the video chosen (it is important to start it to allow the browser to derive the link), pause the player and hold on the video itself until the context menu appears.

We can directly share the video on WhatsApp or other apps with the Share button or download it by clicking on the Save button.
By clicking on the Save button the video will be downloaded to the local memory of the device. In my opinion the one shown above is the best method currently available on the Web to download videos from Facebook with extreme simplicity and without using third-party app in addition to the manager himself, which is born for other purposes but has so many features that you can replace many apps .

DOWNLOAD | ES File Manager

Video Downloader for Facebook

The second app that I can recommend is  Video Downloader for Facebook , created to allow the download of uploaded videos from Facebook. This is a free and ad-supported app.

DOWNLOAD |  Video Downloader for Facebook

We can search through the videos on the social, download those viewable on our profile, in which we are tagged or made by us. A simple but effective app.

Downloader Video Face for FB

Alternatively we can use Downloader Video Face for FB, which works very similar to the previous one and how it is free and ad-supported.

DOWNLOAD | Downloader Video Face for FB

Also in this case it will be possible to download the videos on the social network, to download those that can be viewed on our profile, in which we are tagged or made by us. We can also download the videos on the pages we are fans of.

Also excellent is the integrated search engine, to search among all the videos on Facebook.

Download videos from Facebook on iPhone and iPad

To download videos from Facebook on iPhone and iPad, the procedure is rather different but not complicated. Just follow the procedure mentioned below:

  • Download the Documents and Desktop Browser apps from the App Store (they are both free). Install them.
  • Open Desktop Browser
  • Go to and log in
  • Facebook will be loaded with the Desktop interface and not the Mobile one. This is essential to succeed in our intent to download videos from Facebook on iPhone or iPad.
  • Look for the Facebook video to download.
  • In the upper right corner of the video post there is an arrow pointing down. Click on it and choose the Embed  entry (you have to click twice to confirm the selection).
  • From the window that appears, select  Advanced Settings
  • Within the new page is the URL field of the video  that contains the address of the Facebook video to download. Select it and copy it.
  • Open the Documents app now  . At the bottom right of the app you will find an icon similar to that of Safari: you need to open the browser. Click on the icon and open the internal browser. If you have an iPad, you will find this option on the left ( Browser item )
  • In the URL address field above go to
  • In the site that will open you paste the link of the video of Facebook that you had copied shortly before
  • Click on Download
  • From the new page click on Download video in normal quality
  • Choose the name to give to the video and then click on Done
  • The video will start downloading from Facebook.

Download videos from Facebook to PC

In this case the procedure is even simpler. You can use free online services like or! If you want there is also a trick to download videos from Facebook without using any online service.

For simplicity we will use Google Chrome as an example but you can use any browser (Firefox, Safari, Edge etc.).

  1. Connect to Facebook mobile through this link: Facebook mobile
  2. Look for the video you want to download
  3. Click on Play and let it go.
  4. Click on the video with the right mouse button
  5. Click on Save video as …
  6. Select the destination to save the video from Facebook
  7. Click Save .

Really simple, do not you think?

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