How to take a screenshot on iPhone X

The new iPhone X has released a few months ago, and today we are going to talk about how to take a screenshot on the iPhone screen. The new iPhone X was released to celebrate 10 years from the first model that was launched by Steve Jobs in 2007.

As we have seen because of the 5.8-inch screen that makes the edges disappear, we also see the lack of the front button. So how to make a screenshot on iPhone X?  In addition to many new things, Apple has changed the way you save a screenshot from previous versions of iPhone.

On many occasions, you may want to take a screenshot on iPhone X. For many years, we used the Home key + Power key combination to save a screen on old iPhones. The procedure has changed on the new iPhone X. Do not worry, below we show you how to save a screen on iPhone X even without the Home button.

The process is as easy as it was on your old iPhone. Just follow these simple steps.

How to make a screenshot on iPhone X

Step 1.  First of all,  go to the screen you want to take the screenshot on your iPhone X.

Step 2.  Make sure everything is in order.

Step 3.  Press and hold the power button on your iPhone X, which is on the right side.

Step 4.  While the power button is still pressed, click the Volume Up button(When you press this button you will hear a sound just like when you press the Home button)

Step 5.  The iPhone X screen will flash and you will also hear the “click” sound (obviously, if you have enabled it).

That’s all.

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