How to find fake Instagram profiles

On Instagram, especially in recent years, more and more fake profiles have appeared. The latter sometimes also manage to have more than 10,000 followers, so much so as to pretend to be influencers too. In fact, despite several automatic security checks on Instagram, often someone manages to get away with it; in spite of this there are different methods to discover fake Instagram profiles and in this article we will show you what they are.How to delete cache and Instagram data on iPhone and Android


Number of followers and following

The first aspect to be taken into account in order to recognize a fake profile is the number of followers and following. Usually fake profiles tend to emulate true accounts by having many followers and a few following. Do not be fooled, as very often these profiles have as followers of users who have no profile picture and with a few posts. If the names of the profiles followed are not known accounts or at least they are questionable profiles, there is a great possibility that this profile is fake.

Number of posts

A very important factor that can make us understand if a profile is fake or not is the number of shared posts. If an account for example has 10,000 followers and only one post there will be two possibilities to be evaluated, namely: the person in question may have spent a lot of money to advertise their profile or it is a fake account. With a few posts it is practically impossible to reach a large number of followers. Even the most famous brands would not have this number of followers if they did not post regularly.

Type of content and photos

In addition to the number of posts, the content also makes a difference. If a profile is fake, you will notice that the quality of the profile picture and that of the posts are very different. In fact, while the profile image will certainly be well defined and edited in an almost professional manner, the posted ones will have nothing to do with the latter. Beyond this, it will be good to check the date of publication, in fact, fake profiles are often created and then abandoned, or are shared post sporadically so as to show that from time to time appears something new to not make suspicious AI algorithms and who wants to sponsor. You can also download instadp to have a clear look of the profile Picture.

Number of likes and comments

The interactions social are another useful means to identify a fake profile. If a profile has many followers but the followers who comment and put like are few, then there will be two explanations: either something is wrong in the publication or it is a fake account. If the interactions are less than 10% of followers, it is clear that a guest post that you are going to publish on this profile will be a flop.

Verified account

Another useful signal to recognize a fake profile is to check if this profile is certified with the blue tick. In fact, accounts with more than 10,000 followers can have the verified account. The famous photographic social network allows precisely to identify one’s identity and digitally authenticate. Although it seems impossible to escape these checks, sometimes even these profiles manage to have the blue tick. Often they are not accepted because Instagram is very careful to release this badge, some scoundrels sometimes manages to get away with it, so do not take the blue check as an absolutely certain data.

Tools to recognize a fake profile

There are several tools, completely free, to find out if a profile is fake or not. Two out of all are highlighted, namely SocialBlade and HypeAuditor. Both these sites allow you to view the statistics inherent to each public Instagram account in detail. To know the statistics of each account through these useful sites, simply search for the username and wait for the results. You will be shown the trends of followers, following and post, in addition will be shown demographics of followers, including age and nationality.

These services assign, to each Instagram user, a Rank based on their statistics. For example, if a user appears to be in a grade A+, then almost certainly it will be a true profile. In any case, our advice is to check all the details of the account, especially the constant growth of followers and the average publication of posts.

Finally also check the other social profiles of a given account, in fact, if a profile has a certain number of followers, it is likely that this user is also present on other social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Who is behind a fake profile

Once you discovered that an Instagram account is not true, it’s not so easy to find out who is hiding behind the latter. Although there are various services capable of detecting the identity of a person and his intentions, often those who do this type of activity know how to hide. In the event that you are contacted and harassed via Direct messages repetitively, in addition to blocking this profile, you can contact Instagram and report the affair. In this way they will help them find out who they are; for more details and information, just view this page.

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