Since you want to change the ringtone on your smartphone, you are looking for a solution on the Internet that allows you to edit a track without installing programs and/or applications. In this new guide today we will explain specifically how to cut songs online using some services usable through a simple browser.

How to cut songs online with MP3Cutter

The first solution we recommend using to cut MP3 files online is MP3Cutter. The resource allows you to upload your favorite song either from your computer or by downloading it from DropboxGoogle Drive or pasting a link. Once you have made the necessary changes to the audio track, you can download the file to your PC or upload it to the aforementioned cloud storage services.

Let’s see how to use it in detail:

  • Open the default browser on your computer (ie. ChromeFirefoxSafari or Edge ), connect to the Internet site of MP3Cutter and pressed the button Choose file to select a song from the hard disk of the computer or pressing icons on DropboxGoogle Drive or the clip to get it from cloud storage services or paste the URL.
  • After waiting a few seconds for the music track to load, you will find a timeline in front of you to choose the starting and ending point of the song. You can use either the two indicators or the text fields next to Crop from, s.
  • Before proceeding to edit the song, press the Play button to hear a preview. If the result is to your liking, click on the drop-down menu below under Choose the format to choose the format to save the output file (eg MP3AACOGG etc.) and, if you want, change the name using the text field found under File name.
  • Before pressing the Cut button, you can apply a fade in and/or out by checking the Fade in and Fade out boxes.
  • At the end of the processing (which may take several minutes depending on the size of the uploaded file), press the Download button to download the song on your computer or press the Dropbox and Google Drive icons to add the song to your favorite cloud service or press the Play button to play it.

How to cut songs online with Ringer

Another completely free online service that can be used to create free ringtones from any musical track is Ringer . This allows you to load audio files in AAC, FLACMP3WAV or WMA formats, select the desired point by moving the indicators and then choose the preferred file format with which to save the output track.

Let’s see how to use it:

  • From the default browser, connect to the Web site of Ringer and then use the button Upload the files to upload the track taking it from the HDD of your computer or you simply drag the song in Drag your files here.
  • Once the song has been uploaded, a timeline will appear at the bottom where you can cut it as you prefer using both the green and the Start and End text fields. Ringer also allows you to change the volume level by moving the slider bar above the Volume.
  • Once you have listened to the preview by pressing the Play button, choose the format to save the output file between MP3 or M4R and click on the Create Ringtone button.
  • After waiting for the elaboration, a confirmation message will appear with written Success!. To proceed with the download of the song cut just press the button Download.

How to cut songs online with AudioTrimmer

A third method to use to cut a song directly online using a simple browser is the Web portal AudioTrimmer. This allows you to quickly cut favorite audio files with a maximum size of 50 MB per file.

Let’s see how to exploit it:

  • Open the default Internet browser, log on to the website of AudioTrimmer and press the button Browse to find and select the song you want to edit.
  • Once the audio track has been uploaded, use the two green indicators to adjust the start and end points or use the text fields next to Crop from (seconds).
  • After that, choose whether to fade in and out via the drop-down menu None ( Fade inFade out or Both ) and then choose the output format from the drop-down menu next to it ( MP3 or M4R ).
  • Before pressing the Crop button, you can also adjust the volume level using the small red bar. If you want to hear a preview of the cropped song, click on the Play button.
  • At this point, to download the file on your computer, smartphone or tablet, click on Download.

How to cut songs online: alternatives

In addition to the solutions mentioned earlier, you can find many other online tools on the Web that allow you to cut songs in a few simple steps. Find them listed below.


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