Mac! The smell again, the first ignition, the first configuration: a magical atmosphere in short! Atmosphere that seems to vanish after the first signs of slowness shown by your PC. Are you desperate and do not know how to speed up your Mac? Let’s see what to do.

Possible software solutions

Before going to talk about possible solutions it is necessary to say that what I am about to tell you about the virtual part (hence the term “Software”) of the computer.
One of the possible solutions is the use of an antivirus, the antivirus usually do not install inside the Mac because the latter in themselves have an excellent security system, but still better to prevent than cure, no?
Another possible solution is the removal of useless applications that do nothing more than occupy space, space that could be freed just to “breathe” your Mac. To remove the applications you have to go in your Launchpad, locate the app to be uninstalled and make a secondary click on it, when it starts to “flicker” click on the “x” symbol on the top left of the app icon and the game will be done.How to speed up Mac

Next to the two solutions that I talked about, we also include the deactivation of the apps that start automatically when the Mac is turned on, in fact there are some apps that come into operation as soon as you access the “bitten apple” inside the PC. To deactivate the apps that start automatically you will need to enter the Settings and immediately after the “Users and Groups” section deactivate the apps in the “Login items” list.
Have you still not solved? Then let’s continue! Have you tried to check the status of the disc?
To check the status of the disk, go to the “Disk utility” app (you can easily search for it in the Launchpad), click on the SOS”  button and the disk errors will be repaired.
The last solution that could be made is the expansion of the space available on iCloud, in fact you can increase the maximum capacity of your online store by paying a little more and then establishing a subscription with Apple for the iCloud service.

Possible hardware solutions

After analyzing the possible software solutions let’s see what are the possible software solutions, perhaps the simplest one concerns the use of an external hard disk of at least 1 TB (Terabyte), with an external hard disk you can in fact store all the information not necessary within this portable device.
If you want something less bulky, durable and efficient over time you could opt for the installation of an SSD, a storage unit that speeds up considerably your PC, as regards the installation you may decide to buy the component directly on the Apple website or by contacting a person specialized in the field. I strongly advise against making the replacement yourself considering the amount you spent to buy the Mac.


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