Xiaomi: full-screen smartphone without a selfie camera is incoming

Xiaomi deposits an exclusive patent for a full-screen smartphone, which extends the display to the edges, but retires the selfie and the front camera.
Xiaomi: full-screen smartphone without a selfie camera is incoming

Xiaomi continues to surprise: the Chinese company seems not to fear competition, and looks forward with a new amazing full-screen smartphone that completely renounces the edges and the front camera (the one traditionally dedicated to selfies).

The patent was discovered by Lets’Go Digital and, for the moment, it is a prototype useful, however, to make us understand the plans of Xiaomi for the future mobile. Nothing notch and no selfie: the Chinese house aims to offer users the real smartphone full-screen, while the rivals Samsung and Huawei are all taken from the screen with a special hole for the camera (as evidenced by the next Samsung Galaxy S10 )

Xiaomi: full screen, but no selfie?

The title which was presented the patent to the WIPO (code indicating the World International Property Office) is eloquent enough: there is the name of a model, or a code symbol to indicate a device in the works, but simply “smartphones full screen with 4 wrapping edges ».

The patent of the new full screen Xiaomi model

The patent for the new full-screen Xiaomi model

Wrapping edges, this is the revolutionary feature that Xiaomi is pointing to: not yet another borderless smartphone, but a new type of device that extends the boundaries of the screen to the edges of the body (something never seen before).

The render images reveal a double rear camera and the presence of a fingerprint reader located under the screen: the front camera is missing, the one reserved for the unmissable selfie, which would be completely eliminated in favor of a smartphone really at all screen.

xiaomi borderless smartphone

A render that shows the possible appearance of the new Xiaomi smartphone

The renunciation could turn the nose of the users, for years now accustomed to the front sensor, but being a prototype nothing is definitive: it is not to be excluded in fact the presence of a sensor dedicated to self-portraits, and facial recognition, on-screen ( that is, below the display).

The real novelty designed by Xiaomi are the display edges, which could bring new features never seen before and change once again the experience of using mobile. The Chinese company, whose appreciation grows accompanied by devices that enchant users at super competitive prices (Xiaomi is a reference point for the low-cost smartphone sector) could really be the bearer of a long-awaited revolution, destined to eliminate even selfies. We will keep you posted.

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